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house7At California Mortgage Advisors Inc., we genuinely believe that we offer our customers the best mortgages in the industry. We have offered a variety of loans since 1993, which means our Mortgage Advisors have successfully matched tens of thousands of borrowers with loans tailored to meet their needs and unique financial situations. Our Mortgage Advisors are available at (800) 927-6560 to answer your questions or click here to apply online.

Multiple Options 

In most industries, specialization is a good thing. It means that a person or an institution has focused all of their time and energy mastering one aspect of a field or discipline. However, in the mortgage industry, the opposite is true. 

Lenders that specialize in one particular type of loan are a great option for borrowers with highly specific needs. However, very few borrowers have the same set of financial needs or have the experience to know exactly what they are looking for in a mortgage. This makes a perfect match between specialized lenders and borrowers a rarity. More often than not, lenders end up shoehorning borrowers into loans that are an imperfect fit to avoid losing a potential customer. 

At CMA, we can offer the best loans because we don’t “specialize” in any one type of loan. Our generalization means that we don’t have to force customers into a narrow range of loan options. Our Mortgage Advisors have the authority and freedom to analyze each client individually and offer borrowers terms that best reflect their needs, and not the needs of the institution. 


California Mortgage Advisors Inc. has been providing loans since 1993. One thing that we have learned over that period is that in the long run, reputation means a lot more than short-term gain. Our Mortgage Advisors can provide the best loans because they never pressure customers into accepting terms that they are not comfortable with. Their goal is to provide each customer with a loan they are completely satisfied with. 

Experience and Infrastructure

If the mortgage crisis taught us anything, it is that the mortgage industry is full of predatory lenders and entities. However, ignorance can be just as bad as malice. Many smaller lenders or inexperienced mortgage brokers provide borrowers with sub-par loans simply because they can’t fully analyze and appreciate an unusual or nuanced situation. 

At CMA, our Mortgage Advisors are some of the most experienced in the industry. We can provide fantastic loans because they are so good at connecting borrowers with loans customized to fit their personal situations.

We Are a Mortgage Banker

As a mortgage banker, we provide direct funding for the loans that we approve. This means that borrowers don’t have to worry about dealing with an intermediary when obtaining a loan. Every step of the application and approval process is handled by our qualified staff. This not only speeds up the loan process, but it allows us to offer extremely competitive loan rates and terms.

However, we also understand that in some unique cases, we can’t provide borrowers with the specific loan that they are looking for through our in-house loan products, so we have the ability to outsource to one of our wholesale lending partners for the loan product that meets the client’s needs.

California Mortgage Advisors Inc. has been helping clients obtain mortgages for over 20 years. We understand not every borrower is looking for the same home or the same type of loan. Our Mortgage Advisors can assist clients in selecting the best loan for their home purchase or refinance. Our Mortgage Advisors are available at (800) 927-6560 to answer your questions or click here to apply online.