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flowersTechnology has impacted virtually every aspect of the business sector. This has led to increased productivity and quicker turnaround times across the board. The world is shrinking and everything is happening faster than it ever has before.

California Mortgage Advisors, Inc. is on the cutting edge of technology and can process and close loans as fast as any lender can. Despite a plethora of technological advances in the mortgage industry, the mortgage industry has not been able to make loans an overnight process due to the multitude of disclosure laws and compliance check points throughout the loan process. CMA is able to provide loans as quick and fast as the laws will allow by using technology.

At CMA, we understand time is of the essence for getting your mortgage quickly. Whether you find an ideal first home, the perfect new house for your expanding family or a prime piece of investment real estate, our Mortgage Advisors will move you through the loan process as smoothly and as quickly as possible. We want to assist you in getting your loan approved and help you close escrow on your new property fast. At CMA, we know what it takes to make loans happen as soon as possible. Our Mortgage Advisors are available at (800) 927-6560 to answer your questions or click here to apply online.

Industry Experience

One thing that slows down many lenders is that they lack experience when it comes to dealing with specialized or unusual loan types. This lack of experience leads to minor clerical errors or overlooked forms. However, even minor processing mistakes can lead to potentially extensive delays in the application and approval process. At CMA, we have over 20 years’ experience providing borrowers with loans of every type. Our Mortgage Advisors understand the little things that slow down the loan process and understand how to eliminate minor mistakes in order to provide borrowers with quick loans.


Despite advances in communications, the mortgage industry is still overly reliant on outdated modes of data transfer. This is in part because of government regulations regarding how certain documents have to be handled and processed.

This issue is further exasperated by the number of parties involved in the average mortgage transaction. Despite what they claim, many lenders are not funding the loans that they are providing. Instead, they are acting as mortgage brokers, accepting loan applications and then sending the applications out to institutions better suited to meet individual borrower needs. Every step between the borrower and the actual source of the funds for the mortgage increases the time it takes to complete the process.

At CMA, we provide direct funding for all the loans that we underwrite and approve in-house. We handle every step of the loan application and approval process in-house. We use technology to simplify the process as much as possible. The rest of the speed comes from our professional and experienced Mortgage Advisors.

Experienced Staff

The loan application and approval process requires a great deal of legwork. Employment records and financial statements have to be verified. Credit bureaus have to be contacted. Appraisal and inspection documents have to be processed. These steps can overwhelm a less experienced staff, causing unnecessary delays. California Mortgage Advisors, Inc. employs the most knowledgeable and capable professionals so that you can rest assured that your loan file is in good hands and it will move through our system swiftly.

California Mortgage Advisors Inc. has been helping customers purchase and refinance homes for over 20 years. We understand not every borrower is looking for the same home or the same type of loan. Our Mortgage Advisors can assist customers in selecting the best loan for their first home purchase, second home purchase, or refinance. When you are ready to start the process, apply online here or contact one of our Mortgage Advisors at (800) 927-6560.