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Ten Questions to Ask a Potential Realtor®

The difference between a good Realtor® and a bad one is immense, and if you are buying a home, you should go out of your way to find a top local Realtor®. However, this isn’t always easy if you are new to the process, so here are 10 questions to ask a potential Realtor®.

1. How long have you been in real estate? While it’s okay to go with a new agent, you probably want to find someone who has a few years of experience. That way, the Realtor® will know what they are doing, and they are likely to know what they need to do to make your experience a good one.

2. Are you familiar with the area? Without a doubt, if you are buying a place, you will want the Realtor® to know the area well. If they don’t, they won’t know the local schools, best neighborhoods, access to transportation, crime rates, restaurants, places of worship, and then you are in trouble. Again, there are plenty of people selling real estate, but you must look for one who knows the neighborhoods well.

3. Can you give me the names and numbers of three of your most recent clients? Always check their references. When talking to an agent, he or she should have no problem giving out contact information of old clients. Otherwise, if they are not excited about this notion, you may want to look further. You can always get a referral from your California Mortgage Advisors, Inc. Mortgage Advisor.

4. Do you have contacts in the industry? When buying a place, you will have to get an inspection and may need contractor estimates for different repairs or upgrades on the property. For this reason, you should find a Realtor® with a lot of connections as this will save you time and hopefully money.

5. What is your availability? As you probably know, when looking to buy a house, you will want to jump at good places. However, if your Realtor® is too busy or only works certain hours, you may be out of luck. So, to avoid issues, you should ask him or her about their availability.

6. What separates you from the competition? The Realtor® market is a competitive one, and you should know what makes your agent stand out from the pack. If he or she can provide the right answers, you can proceed without fear.

7. How much do you charge? While you don’t want to go on price alone, you should probably find out what the Realtor® charges. Generally the seller pays the commission not the buyer.

8. Can you walk me through the process? When dealing with the home buying or selling process, most people don’t know what is going on the whole time. It’s a complicated process, and a customer should not be left out in the cold. If you have a solid Realtor®, you can probably have him or her answer these questions. Then, you will be at ease during the entire process.

9. What do you need from me? Obviously, when buying a place or even selling one, you will want to give your Realtor® a lot of information. However, to avoid any issues, you should simply ask him or her, what they need from you? This can speed up the process and ensure that you have a quick, painless and solid transaction.

10. What if something goes wrong? If you choose a good Realtor®, you probably don’t have to worry about this one, but, things often go wrong. To make sure you have the right person, ask them what happens if something goes wrong. If they don’t have an answer, you may want to search for another Realtor®.

If you ask these 10 simple questions, you can avoid most problems, and you can find the best Realtor® for your wants and needs. If you have any questions about a Realtor® or need a referral to Realtor® with a proven track record, please call one of our Mortgage Advisors at (800) 927-6560 or click here to contact us online.