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Located at the epicenter of California’s Tri-Valley region, Dublin is a city with both eyes firmly on a prospering future and a heart firmly rooted in the past. Located in an area of bustling economic growth and development, it’s hard to ignore the economic importance and cultural relevance of any city in the area. However, the citizens of Dublin understand that no matter what the future holds, they will always be a community built on local vineyards and majestic oak trees.

Lay of the Land

Dublin is part of the Tri-Valley area. The Tri-Valley area is a triangularly shaped portion of the San Francisco Bay Area. The three valleys that it draws its name from are Amador Valley, Livermore Valley, and San Ramon Valley. In addition to Dublin, the cities of Pleasanton, Livermore, San Ramon, and Alamo are also a part of this area. The significance of the region comes from its rich history and relative location to Oakland, San Francisco, and Silicon Valley.

Dublin itself is one of the fastest growing cities in an extremely fast growing region. Census data indicates that the city had a population of 46,036 in 2010 with growth to 49,890 by 2013. Current forecasts predict that by 2030 the city’s population will have grown to over 75,000 total residents. As a rapidly growing area, Dublin residents are currently well above the state average when it comes to median household income ($115,695). Home values in the area however have yet to reflect recent trends, with an estimated median home value of a relatively modest $593,614. Dublin educates its children through a network of public schools including six elementary schools, two middle schools and two high schools. There are many private school offerings in the area as well.


With regards to ground traffic, Dublin benefits from being at the crossroads of Interstates 580 and 680, which makes movement in the area relatively simple. However, the city, like much of California, has placed significant emphasis on alternative forms of transportation. This includes the creation of numerous biking and walking lanes within the city. It also means that residents have access to a Bay Area Rapid Transit station for travel within the Bay area as well as the services of the Livermore Amador Valley Transit Authority for travel to locations within the Tri-Valley region.

Local Highlights

Dublin and the rest of the cities that populate the Tri-Valley region have gone to considerable lengths to create a warm and welcoming environment, dubbing the area “The Sunny Side of the Bay” in reference to not only the foggy physical nature of San Francisco, but the gritty urban nature of the Bay Area in general. While each individual city has specific attractions, considerable time and energy has been invested in making travel between the Tri-Valley cities as quick and convenient as possible.

Dublin itself is home to dozens of restaurants, providing residents and visitors with options ranging from nationally recognized pizza chains to locally owned establishments providing more eclectic dishes. As an area rich in diversity, Dublin boasts numerous dining locations providing traditional ethnic cuisine, including Afghan, Hawaiian, Chinese, Filipino, Japanese, and Italian dishes. This is of course in addition to the bars, lounges, coffee houses, ice cream shops, and other assorted specialty dining locations scattered around the city.

The city of Dublin also organizes numerous festivals and events throughout the course of the year. A majority of these are designed to provide community enrichment via seasonally focused activities and services. The most well-known of these is Splatter, a food, wine, and art festival held during the fall of each year. Splatter is a daylong festival with multiple activities, including wine tasting, food tasting, and art exhibitions spread out over the course of the day. It even includes a free evening concert and laser light show.

Finally, the city of Dublin has placed a special emphasis on the development of parks and recreational activity programs within the city. The development of a modern, engaging park system is the result of numerous studies and long term planning projects specifically designed to present a modern and luxurious image of the town and of the region. As a result of this plan, the city now has a vibrant park system that wonderfully incorporates the natural landmarks of the area in order to provide avenues for relaxation, exercise, and exploration.