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Union City

Union City

With a relaxed atmosphere and rich cultural history, Union City sits as a pillar of quiet stability in the San Francisco Bay region. Incorporated out of the historic towns of New Haven, Alvarado and Decoto, in order to protect the towns from the aggressive expansion of their neighbors, modern Union City continues to be defined by a strong sense of independence. A sense of independence that can be seen every day, through an adherence to core values and a defiance of regional trends that mark the city as unique amongst its neighbors.

Lay of the Land

Union City rests against the southern tip of the San Francisco Bay, close to Alameda County’s border with the nearby Santa Clara County. Union City is a completely developed urban area resting on 19 square miles with a total population of 72,528. Bordered in the north by the city of Hayward and to the south by the city of Fremont, Union City has relatively uncrowded border to the east and west. While it does not share a border with the city of Newark to the south, the two cities, along with the city of Fremont, are often referred to locally as the Tri-City area, thanks to the close geographical proximity and working relationship the three locations have. Union City residents can expect an average median income of $73,563 while the estimated median home value for the city is approximately $511,200.


The city of Union City has benefited from extensive planning and infrastructure development on both a local and regional level. Ground transportation is possible via multiple high-capacity streets within the city that connect to Interstate 880 and State Highway 238. Regional public transportation is possible thanks to the service provided by the Bay Area Rapid Transit system. This includes train and shuttle services to numerous locations around Alameda County and several surrounding counties. The city itself also runs several bus lines that provide residents with transportation within Union City and several sections of the city of Hayward. Finally, there are several large international airports within a reasonable distance. These include the San Francisco International Airport, the San Jose International Airport, and the Oakland International Airport.

Local Highlights

Despite a close geographic proximity to Silicon Valley and several of the more economically powerful cities in the Bay Area, Union City is not a community dominated by its developmental focus or industrial drive. That is to say that the city is lacking when it comes to commercial development or economic activity. However, while the local shopping centers and professional services fill a niche within the community, they are not the primary focus of the city.

Most of the community focus goes towards the cultivation and continued growth of the award winning Union City Leisure Services Department. The UCLS department provides members of the community with an array of recreational activities and services designed to promote physical, social, and emotional health. This includes free classes for members of the community, seasonal day camps, after school care and support programs, youth sports, early childhood care and development programs and numerous aquatic activities. Additionally, the UCLS provides several programs for members of the senior community as well as programs designed to assist special needs members of the community. These services are provided at a host of locations, including the Civic Center, Holly Community Center, Kennedy Community Center, Ruggieri Senior Center, and Mark Green Sports Center.

Above all else however, Union City is an area rich with history and a deep sense of appreciation for that history. Union City was one of the first established cities in Alameda County. This means that the city is littered with industrial building, abandoned commercial locations, and local houses that show up on state lists of Historical Landmarks. Additionally, the first county courthouse was located in Union City in addition to the town of Alvarado being the first county seat.