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Welcome to Antioch

Despite a history heavily influenced by the coal trade, modern Antioch is a city of open spaces and lazy waterways. With its back pressed firmly against the California Delta, Antioch features a wide mix of residents dedicated to preserving the spirit of the city while embracing a progressive vision for Contra Costa County.

Lay of the Land

Antioch is located on the northern edge of Contra Costa County, along the edge of the California Delta. Aside from the river-ways and aquatic preserves that buffer the town to the north, Antioch is also surrounded by several open space preserves, including the Black Diamond Mines Regional Preserve. The city is surrounded by numerous unincorporated communities in the area, as well as the delta cities of Oakley, Brentwood, and Pittsburg.

Like many of the cities in the county, the population of Antioch has increased rapidly as a result of the influence of the San Francisco and Oakland expanding economic zones. Census data indicates that the population increased from 62,195 in 1990 to 107,100 in 2013. The median household income for the city is $59,356 while the estimated median home value is 237,300.


Ground transportation for the city is accomplished primarily by State Route 4 which moves across the upper edge of the county from east to west. It also connects to Stockton in the east and Interstate 80 in the west.

Public transportation is possible via the Bay Area Rapid Transit station located in nearby Bay Point. This connects the city to the San Francisco International Airport as well as the city of Millbrae in the area immediately surrounding San Francisco. Local public transit is handled by Tri Delta Transit which manages a series of busses that operate routes between Concord, Oakley, Pittsburg, Bay Point, Discovery Bay, and Brentwood.

Local Highlights

While Antioch has a respectable economy on its own, the city serves primarily as a bedroom community for San Francisco and Oakland. As such, most of the local economy is focused on providing goods and services for the local community with a maximum level of functionality. That is not to say that the city doesn’t have a wide range of local shopping locations and eateries. The Somersville Town Center is one of the largest malls in the county and the city is also home to several outlet stores. Antioch is just not known for its commercial sectors.

What the city does have is a dedication to preserving the natural beauty of the area and establishing a strong community. Antioch is currently home to over 31 parks covering a total of 310 acres within the city limits. This includes 600 acres of undeveloped preserved open space that the city also owns. The city also maintains 11 total miles of walking paths that connect many of the local parks to the shoreline and to other natural features around the city.

While most of the parks within the city are modest and dedicated to local use, the city also houses several regionally recognizable locations that it is not directly responsible for managing. These include the Contra Loma Regional Park, The Antioch Regional Shoreline, and the Black Diamond Mines Regional Park. These three locations account for an additional total of 6,493 acres of protected space, walking trails, and natural habitat.

Finally, the city has a strong connection to the local waterways that define the region. The Antioch Marina and Chevron Fuel dock provide an ideal location for visitors and residents alike to take advantage of the California Delta. Nearby Sherman Lake and Winter Island provide ideal fishing locations, providing access to local populations of striped bass, salmon, and steelhead. Additionally, the city and the marina are positioned almost directly between the San Francisco Estuary and the Upper Delta. This allows boaters exiting Antioch to directly access every aquatic mile between the Pacific Ocean and the eastern edge of the California Delta.

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