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Bay Point

Welcome to Bay Point

Some communities are full of organizations and committees dedicated to managing every aspect of the community’s development and progress. On the other hand, some communities, even large ones, move along at their own pace with a minimal amount of planning. Bay Point is a large, relaxed community, with an abundant population and sprawling city with a minimal amount of government, which makes Bay Point real estate so desirable.

Lay of the Land

Located alongside Suisun Bay in the northern section of Contra Costa County, Bay Point is an unincorporated census designated place. With a population of 21,349, Bay Point is the largest and wealthiest census designated place in the county. The town is flanked by Pittsburg in the east and Concord in the west, as well as a smattering of additional small, unincorporated locations. The average household income for the city is $43,631 while the estimated median home value is $172,684. Both of these numbers are below the state average.


The easternmost region of the county has experienced large scale economic and population growth since the late 1990s. This, combined with the economic relevance of San Francisco, has turned State Route 4, which runs through the center of Bay Point, into a significant regional commuter roadway. It crosses the entire county from east to west and eventually connects to San Francisco to the west and Stockton to the east.

Bay Point shares a Bay Area Rapid Transit station with the city of Pittsburg. It connects county residents to the San Francisco International Airport as well as to transit stations within the San Francisco metropolitan region. Local public transportation is handled by Tri Delta Transit, a local organization that manages a system of buses and shuttles on a regional level. Several transit lines connect Bay Point, Pittsburg, Brentwood, Antioch, Oakley, Discovery Bay, and Concord. Several lines also stop at a variety of local schools and other points of interest within the region.

Local Highlights

As an unincorporated community, the city of Bay Point lacks several key public services and a formalized government. Police and fire services are both handled at the county level while public utility services are handled by the Bay Point Municipal Advisory Committee. The Bay Point MAC is a limited authority organization whose primary responsibility is to organize reports and present data to the Contra Costa County Board of Directors.

As a community with a significant population, Bay Point is also the home of various commercial and retail locations. However, the lack of a formal government means that Bay Point lacks a cohesive plan for economic growth and development. As such, the vast majority of the commercial properties within the community are focused on utilitarian support of the community’s needs.

The Bay Point Regional Shoreline is the highlight of the community’s natural attractions. The shoreline park is located at almost the exact halfway point between the San Francisco Bay Estuary and the start of the Sacramento River Delta. This leads to a diverse geographical environment and a unique habitat. The park is the perfect location to engage in a wide range of activities, including, hiking, fishing, bird-watching, and windsurfing. The park also features basic level amenities, including restroom facilities, picnic areas, and parking.

The McAvoy Yacht Harbor is the local marina. While it lacks the amenities of many of the more famous regional marinas, it remains ideally located and fully functional. It provides boaters with access to the San Francisco Bay to the west and to the upper delta to the east. It is the perfect starting location for a trip that involves Brown’s Island, Winter Island, the Dow Wetlands Preserve, or any of the parks on Sherman Island.

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