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Welcome to Brentwood

Surrounded by rich agricultural land and with a skyline dominated by Mount Diablo, the city of Brentwood has an ambiance and feel that is difficult to find anywhere else in the San Francisco Bay Area. Despite a history dominated by the production of corn, peaches, and cherries, Brentwood real estate is rapidly transforming into a Bay Area destination through urban development and overall desirability. Modern Brentwood features constant expansion and a burgeoning retail center, while still maintaining an atmosphere that reflects the city’s humble roots.

Lay of the Land

Brentwood is a located in the eastern edge of Contra Costa County, and is surrounded on three sides by the Contra Costa County Agricultural Core. The Agricultural Core is over 11,000 acres of preserved space that is still actively producing agricultural land. Brentwood real estate is due west of the city of Stockton, due south of the city of Sacramento, and north east of San Francisco. It is surrounded by numerous smaller county communities and also shares a border with the California Delta Region.

While many cities are often described as “booming” Brentwood real estate experienced a population increase of over 121 percent from 2000 to 2010. Though growth has since slowed considerably, it is still a regional destination, and the current population of 55,000 is constantly growing. The average household income for the city is $91,875 and the median estimated home value is $362,165. Both of these figures is above average for the state and reflect the economic influences of San Francisco and Silicon Valley.


Brentwood is located directly along State Route 4 which provides east to west transit across Contra Costa County and into the San Francisco area. It is also just north of Interstate 80 which moves west before intersecting with several major roadways along the coastal region of the state.

Public Transportation for the region is accomplished via Tri Delta Transit, which provides a variety of shuttle and bus services for the cities of Brentwood, Antioch, Pittsburg, Oakley, Bay Point, Discovery Bay, and Concord. They operate a total of 14 separate lines that transport residents to work, school, local attractions, and local Bay Area Rapid Transport stations across the region.

Local Highlights

While many of the orchards and farms that once surrounded the city have been recently replaced with housing developments to meet the demand of an ever increasing population, Brentwood real estate is still surrounded by the county Agricultural Core and is still a city whose historic identity was defined by agricultural. The city still receives many seasonal agritourists seeking to take advantage of locally grown fruits and vegetables. The city also features several programs designed to assist visitors in produce selection, as well as operating a farmers market and sponsoring the annual Harvest Time Festival.

Additionally, the city sponsors several other festivals and community events designed to maintain the small town ambiance and cultural identity of the area. The second largest of these festivals is the annual Brentwood Art, Wine, and Jazz Festival. The celebration is designed to showcase locally produced wine, provide exposure for local artists, and provide a venue for the celebration of Jazz music. The Art, Wine, and Jazz Festival is held for two days every August. Finally, the city also sponsors several seasonal festivals and parades, such as Hometown Halloween and the Holiday Parade.

Downtown Brentwood serves as the primary location for most of the community festivals and events. An authentic historic location, the downtown region of the city is also home to numerous shops and restaurants. The area features over 75,000 square feet of restored historic locations dedicated to shopping and eating. These include a wide range of locally owned and operated venues designed on showcasing locally produced goods and locally grown produce. It also features more traditional commercial locations such as a movie theater and a bridal shop.

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