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Welcome to Byron

While Contra Costa County is considered a part of the extended Bay Area, the moniker is an awkward fit for the cities located along the eastern edge of the county. The community of Byron real estate lacks most of the qualities associated with the economically dominant and technologically driven Bay Area. That’s not to say that it doesn’t have a rich history and unique cultural impact, just that its history and ambiance is completely different than a traditional Bay Area city.

Lay of the Land

Byron is a small, unincorporated community located along the eastern edge of Contra Costa County. Byron is positioned just south of Brentwood and Discovery Bay at the edge of the California Delta. With the exception of the two aforementioned communities, Byron is an extremely isolated community, lacking any significant neighbors. Surrounded by rich agricultural land, the area also lacks a major geographic identifier, with the exception of Mount Diablo, to the distant west.

With a total population of only 1,277 permanent residents Byron is one of the smaller communities in the region. However, the town is relatively affluent, with an estimated median household income of $64,143 and estimated average home values of $428,194.


The isolated nature of the community makes transportation of any type a mild inconvenience. Luckily, State Route 4 runs just north of the community. In addition to covering most of Contra Costa County to the west, it also moves east into Stockton. Beyond State Route 4, major roadways such as Interstate 580 and 680 are more removed from the immediate area and require an extended drive along minor county roadways to access.

Public transportation is also an issue as Byron currently lacks primary coverage via any of the major regional transportation lines. Tri Delta Transit, which covers the remote eastern section of the county, has stations located in Discovery Bay and Brentwood. Via theses locations, Byron residents can access a wide range of locations along the eastern edge of the county, Bay Area Rapid Transit stations, and transportation lines which cover the central and western sections of the county.

Local Highlights

Byron is primarily a residential community, surrounded by prime agricultural land and little in the form of dedicated commercial development or retail locations. Being located in between the California Delta and the central portion of Contra Costa County means that while the community is “close” to many locations, it isn’t bordered by any of the waterways or regional parks that define the geography of the region. However, there are a few recreational and entertainment options located with the community.

Opened in 2013, Leer Vineyards is a relatively new operation, though the land on which it is located has been dedicated to agricultural pursuits for hundreds of years. Overlooking Mount Diablo in the west and the California Delta in the east, the vineyards feature 37 acres of dedicated growing space as well as a stunning 13,000 square foot event center. Additionally, the location features a baseball field and event support locations such as a gift shop and snack bar. The vineyard operates a series of tours and daily events for groups of all shapes and sizes. It has also been fortunate enough to host a wide range of nationally recognized country music acts, including Clay Walker and Rodney Atkins.

The community is also home to the historic Wild Idol Saloon. The saloon has been in operation in one form or another since the late 1800s. The current iteration features a combination of restored and renovated decor integrated with a wide range of modern technological amenities and fixtures. The western-style tavern functions as a combination sports bar and venue for local events and musical acts. This includes a wide range of promotional events as well as seasonal entertainment and aspiring artists.

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