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Welcome to Concord

During the early part of the city’s history, the valley floors surrounding Concord real estate were covered in fields of wheat that extended from the edges of the city to the base of Mount Diablo in the east. Some local farmers even chose to grow grapes, walnuts, and tomatoes. While some of the land surrounding the city is still dedicated to agricultural pursuits, most of the region has modernized and been turned into residential spaces. However, despite being primarily a bedroom community for San Francisco, modern Concord remains an economic and cultural power in its own rights.

Lay of the Land

Concord is located in the valleys of central Contra Costa County, between Suisun Bay in the north and the slopes of Mount Diablo to the southeast. Concord is the largest city in the county with a total population of 122,067. In fact, it is also the 8th largest city in the San Francisco Bay Area.

Its proximity to the San Francisco metropolitan area and beautiful natural scenery has made it a premier destination. The average household income for the city is $66,096 and the median home value is an estimated $367,000. While these numbers are within the state average, they are well above the county average, and represent the influence of the San Francisco economic zone.


State Route 4, which runs through the northern edge of town, has become a regional commuter roadway by virtue of its coverage of the county and its path west towards San Francisco. Additionally, the city benefits from its proximity to Interstate 680 and State Route 24, both of which moves south away from the city and into many of the more significant locations within the region.

As the largest and most central city in the county, Concord benefits from the coverage of several public transit systems. Tri Delta Transit operates shuttles and bus service to the easternmost sections of the county. It services Discovery Bay, Brentwood, Pittsburg, Antioch, Bay Point, Oakley, and Concord, with Concord being the westernmost city in the circuit. The transit lines also stop at the Bay Point/Pittsburg Bay Area Rapid Transit station as well as numerous local schools and regionally significant locations.

Finally, Concord is also served by the County Connection. The County Connection provides transit service within the city of concord as well as serving several of the smaller communities and cities in the southwestern section of the county, including Walnut Creek and San Ramon.

Local Highlights

While the city of Concord served primarily as a bedroom community for San Francisco and Oakland, it has slowly grown into an economic power in its own right. Many companies with powerful ties to the Bay Area, including Chevron and Bank of America, have established significant back-office operations within the city, strengthening the local economy. This is in addition to the companies that operate solely within the city, including Wells Fargo and Round Table Pizza.

Despite its size, Concord has managed to hold on to a strong sense of community and a certain small town ambiance. The city is littered with a plethora of “green places” that act as islands of relaxation in the urban sprawl. These include public parks, athletic fields, swimming pools, picnic areas, and miles of hiking trails. They also support a wide range of activities which include sports leagues, summer camps, outreach programs, and community education programs.

Concord also features a wide range of shopping locations and eateries. These range from locally owned and operated commercial ventures to rows of nationally recognized shopping and dining chains. Sunvalley Shopping center is the single largest retail location in Contra Costa County, featuring a total of 160 different retail locations and restaurants.

Finally, Concord is a center for cultural activities and artistic pursuits. This includes art and wine festivals and seasonal community events. The city supports local musical acts through a series of small seasonal festivals and the Tuesday Night Blues series. Additionally, the city is the home of the Concord Pavilion, an amphitheater that serves as the predominant regional concert venue.

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