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Welcome to Crockett

Like most of the cities and towns located in Contra Costa County, Crockett is a location with a rich history of functionality and an abundance of natural beauty. Originally a company town for the C&H Sugar Company, Crockett real estate eventually outgrew that designation, though the company still operates in the area today. Modern Crockett serves as a focal point for regional transit and a jumping off point for outdoor activities in the local parks and open space preserves.

Lay of the Land

Crockett is pushed into the northwestern corner of Contra Costa County, along the coastline where the Carquinez Strait meets San Pablo Bay. Though Crockett is located in a relatively open stretch of the county, it is surrounded by several cities, including Port Costa, Martinez, Rodeo, Hercules, and Vallejo, which is located across the Carquinez Strait. At just a few miles south, San Francisco and Oakland are both relatively close. Small and unincorporated, Crockett has a total population of just 3,094. With an estimated median household income of $84,802 and home value of $379,800, Crockett is above the economic midline for the county and the state.


Despite its small relative size, crockett benefits from favorable geography when it comes to traditional transportation and public transportation. Interstate 80 moves through the center of town and provides access to San Francisco in the south and Sacramento in the north. State Highway 4, which runs east through the county and into Stockton, is also just south of town.

Public transportation for the city is handled by the Western Contra Costa Transit Authority(WestCAT). WestCAT operates a series of local bus lines that connect most of the smaller cities along the western edge of the county. This includes all of the cities from Crockett west to Richmond.

Local Highlights

Crockett is flanked in the south and the east by two significant parks managed by the East Bay Regional Park District. The Crockett Hills Regional Park, located just to the south of the city, is over 1,900 acres of undeveloped hills and lightly developed recreational areas. The park contains a wide range of plants and animal species which take advantage of the parks shaded vistas and river shorelines. Though lightly developed, the park supports a wide range of activities, including hiking, biking, camping, horseback riding, and general sightseeing. The park also hosts a wide range of educational classes and ecological enrichment programs sponsored by the park district.

On the eastern border of the city lies the Carquinez Strait Regional Shoreline. The park totals 1,400 acres of bluffs and shoreline ranging from Crockett all of the way to the edge of Martinez in the east. Despite its shoreline designation, the park contains numerous coastal hills that soar to as high as 750 feet above the Carquinez Strait. Franklin Ridge, one of the higher and more well known locations in the park, affords views of Mount Diablo in the south and Mount Tamalpais in the distant northwest. The shoreline is one of the more undeveloped parks in the East Bay network, lacking a dedicated campground or picnic area. though the hiking trails are extensive.

Finally, Crockett also houses numerous parks and community recreation locations within city limits. These include a wide range of community centers, public swimming pools, bocce ball courts, and tennis courts. Each of the community locations serves as the focal point for a wide range of athletic and educational programs, both those sponsored by the city and those organized by groups and individuals within the community. These include everything from local athletic leagues to art classes and gallery presentations sponsored by one of the many private artists residing in the Crockett area.

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