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Welcome to Danville

Like most of the cities in the San Ramon Valley, Danville spent most of its life as a relaxed, rural community. However, as the effects of the economic explosions in San Francisco and Silicon Valley ripple out across the entire Bay Area, Danville real estate continues to experience constant growth and development. However, despite expanding housing developments and economic zones, the city remains true to its rural roots.

Lay of the Land

Danville is located in the northeastern section of Contra Costa County, just north of Mount Diablo and just east of the San Francisco Bay. Despite a booming population of 43,341, the city remained unincorporated until a public vote in 1982. Danville is located within the San Ramon Valley, which it shares with Alamo, the edge of Walnut Creek, and the city of San Ramon. Aside from soaring peaks and mountainous slopes on all sides, the city is also surrounded by several protected open spaces and regional preserves. The San Ramon Valley is an extremely secluded and affluent section of the county, which has led to an average household income of $136,711 and average home values of $868,765.


San Ramon Valley is served by Interstate 680 which runs through the length of the county from north to south. The interstate moves south until it connects with San Jose and north until it intersects with Interstate 80 in Napa Valley. Additionally, State Highway 24 connects with Interstate 680 near Walnut Creek. It provides regional access to San Francisco and Oakland.

Contra Costa County lacks a single dominant county public transportation service. As a result, the county is crisscrossed with a series of overlapping services. County Connection’s provides local bus and shuttle services between Danville and the cities of the San Ramon Valley, as well as Walnut Creek. Additionally, Walnut Creek contains a Bay Area Rapid Transit station. This stations connects to other county BART terminals as well as transit stations within the San Francisco Area.

Local Highlights

Despite its relatively large population, Danville’s rural and relaxed nature is reflected in most of the commercial and retail ventures within the city. The city has several upscale eateries and shopping locations, such as the scenic Blackhawk Plaza. However, most of the locations are locally owned and reflect the spirit of the community. The city lacks large scale development or a plethora of nationally recognizable chains. Most of the effort within the community is dedicated towards preservation of the natural beauty of the valley and the cultivation of Danville’s cultural centers.

The Village Theater, originally opened in 1873 as a farmer’s lodge, has seen numerous uses during the course of the city’s history. However, the theater has been officially recognized as an historical site and is currently in use as a performing arts center. It also currently features a functional art gallery that was added to the original structure in 2009. The city is also home to several additional historic sites, including the Tao House, the onetime home of Eugene O’Neill, the only American born Nobel Prize winning playwright. Finally, the city also houses the Museum of the San Ramon Valley, a location dedicated to preserving local artifacts and providing educational services focused on the history of the valley.

Danville is also a community dedicated to the preservation of natural areas and the cultivation of lightly developed public use land. The city currently houses over 278 acres of active public parkland in addition to the thousands of acres of undeveloped protected space and general use agricultural land. This is of course in addition to the Sycamore Valley Open Space Preserve which resides within city limits, Las Trampas Regional Wilderness which sits adjacent to the city in the west, and the protected portions of Mount Diablo to the north.

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