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Welcome to Diablo

A secluded community pressed against the edge of the mountain with which it shares a name, the city of Diablo has a deep and unique history. Like many of the surrounding cities, the early inhabitants took advantage of the fertile valley soil to plant a variety of crops. However, unlike some of the more prominent communities in the area, Diablo’s residents were content to enjoy their isolation and exclusivity. The city never developed into a San Francisco Bedroom community or regional destination.

Lay of the Land

The city of Diablo is located in the southern foothills of Mount Diablo, in the southern section of Contra Costa County. An exclusive an affluent community, Diablo is primarily surrounded by protected open spaces and dedicated park regions. Neighboring cities include Blackhawk, Danville and San Ramon. Though the community is an unincorporated census designated place, the 1,158 work hard to minimize development and maintain a consistent aesthetic throughout the community. The estimated median household income of $200,000 and average home value of well over one million dollars puts Diablo at the top of the county economic scale.


The isolated nature of the community means that few transportation services are directly accessible by Diablo residents. Interstate 680, the primary north to south county commuter road, runs through the nearby San Ramon Valley. In addition to connecting to San Jose in the south and Napa Valley in the north, 680 also connects with State Highway 24.

There are no public transit options which offer direct access to the community of Diablo. Fortunately, numerous options are available in several of the surrounding cities, such as Danville or San Ramon. County Connections provides several bus lines which operates along the communities next to Interstate 680. This includes stops in Walnut Creek, which contains a Bay Area Rapid Transit station which connects to numerous Bay Area locations and attractions.

Finally, the city of San Ramon is serviced by AC Transit. AC Transit operates public transportation lines which connects cities in the southern section of Contra Costa County and cities in Alameda County.

Local Highlights

Diablo is primarily an affluent and exclusive residential community. While the community is surrounded by a variety of regionally operated parks and preserved open spaces, there is very little within the immediate area in the form of organized commercial development. The sole exception being the Diablo Country Club.

While it is impossible to separate the history of the country club from that of the community, in many ways, the Diablo Country Club is more recognizable and well known then the community itself. Established in 1917, the country club was the vision of Robert Nobel Burgess. Burgess was responsible for a large portion of development in the early days of Contra Costa County, and he imagined his county club as serving as a regional destination for the wealthy. The original nine holes of the golf course were designed by legendary golf course architect Jack Neville. In addition to the golf course, the original grounds included orchards, a community garden, the local post office, a dairy farm, and The Red Horse Tavern. Essentially, the county club was the community of Diablo. After World War I delayed the completion of the course, equally legendary course designer William Watson was commissioned to finish the back nine.

One hundred years later, the Diablo Country Club is still functioning as a regional cornerstone and focal point of the local community. One of the few locations of its type completely owned by the members, the modern country club features a wide range of amenities and facilities. In addition to the 18-hole golf course, the grounds also features several tennis courts, a swimming and fitness center, and two bocce ball courts. Additionally, the club features numerous restored buildings which are used to host a variety of social events in conjunction with the renovated Red Hose Tavern and on-site culinary team.

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