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Discovery Bay

Welcome to Discovery Bay

Unlike most of the cities located in and around the California Delta, Discovery Bay doesn’t have a rich and extensive history. The city didn’t develop organically as a result of a local rail line or as a paddleboat stop. It didn’t provide supplies for prospectors during the gold rush and it wasn’t influenced by immigrant culture. The location was meticulously selected and every aspect of the city was thoroughly planned prior to construction. However, it has since grown past its originally set boundaries and has slowly become a city with as much soul and character as any other location in the Bay Area.

Lay of the Land

Discovery Bay is located in the easternmost edge of Contra Costa County, just west of Stockton and firmly in the California Delta. The first homes in the city were built as a planned community during the 1960’s and were designed to provide residents with easy access to the California Delta. Many homes in the area have marinas which provide private access to the local waterways which then connect to the Middle River, just north of the community.

The city is technically a census designated location. While it does have a small government in the form of The Discovery Bay County Service District, the CSD is primary responsible for managing public utility services and advising the county on more serious matters. A large community, Discovery Bay boasts approximately 13,352 residents, with average household incomes of $111,995 and estimated median home values of $393,867.


While the city is primary surrounded by waterways and small sloughs, State Route 4 does move past the southern edge of the city. Route 4 moves west through Contra Costa County and east towards Stockton. It also connects to various major regional roadways which provide access to most of the area.

Tri Delta Transit manages public transportation for the eastern section of the county. It operates a series of local bus routes which connect the cities of Discovery Bay, Brentwood, Antioch, Oakley, Bay Point, Concord and Pittsburg to each other and to various locations within the county, including Bay Area Rapid Transportation stations.

Local Highlights

As a fully functional and inclusive community, Discovery Bay has numerous commercial and retail facilities. Most of the locations within town are designed around functionality and meeting the needs of the city’s residents. This means an unusually high number of shops dedicated to selling nautical equipment and supplies. The town also features numerous dining options for residents and visitors alike. The eateries are all generally nationally recognized chains or locally owned locations with nautical themes.

The main appeal of the community is the local scenery and waterways. Despite its modest size, the town boasts its own full-service deep water yacht harbor. This is in addition to the variety of marina shops and waterfront supply centers. The design and layout of the town means that residents can walk out their backdoor, access their boat or yacht through a private dock, and navigate their way to any location along the California Delta or even the Bay Area. This includes access to the San Francisco Bay itself and the Pacific Ocean.

The community is also the home of The Discovery Bay Country Club. The main attraction at the county club is its 18 hole championship level golf course. Designed by renowned golf course architect Ted Robinson, the course reflects the ambiance of the town, with plenty of challenging approaches and holes built around the natural aquatic geography. Additionally, the county club features a full service restaurant and an extensive dining facility. This is used to host private events from weddings to corporate retreats. They are also used by the country club to host a wide range of open events, ranging from New Year’s Eve celebrations to theme based dining events.

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