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Welcome to Knightsen

Knightsen is a small, unincorporated community with around 1,600 residents. This is a community that is great for people who want to live in the Bay Area but don\’t want to deal with big city problems like traffic, noise and other problems. It\’s a great place to commute to either Stockton, Berkeley, San Francisco or Oakland. Knightsen is a bit far for people who want to commute to San Jose and other cities south of San Francisco.

Lay of the Land

Knightsen is very rural, and most people live here to get away from it all. Whether looking to ride horses, get on a motorcycle or just enjoy the land, Knightsen is the perfect place. Luckily, people who want to commute to Berkeley to go to school or work there can easily do so. There is a BART station in Dublin, and one can take a quick bus ride to get to the station. Also, residents can easily commute to Stockton by car as it\’s about 40 minutes away, depending on traffic.


The beauty of Knightsen is that it’s in the middle of it all. Since the BART station is not far, one can get anywhere in the Bay Area. Though, it will take over an hour to get to downtown San Francisco. But, to get to Berkeley and the campus only takes about 40 minutes, and it\’s a pleasant and stress-free ride. By taking highway 4, commuters can get to Stockton in about 40 minutes. By taking highway 4 to the 24, one can get to Berkeley in about 45 minutes, and one can get to Walnut Creek in about 30 minutes. Either way, whether taking BART or driving, a resident in Knightsen has access to plenty. Given that there are plenty of rural roads, the commutes from Knightsen are generally less stressful and more predictable.

Local Highlights

Now, as mentioned, Knightsen is a rural area, and there is not much to see. While true, if one wants to live in peace and enjoy the outdoors, Knightsen is not a bad place to live. But, the draw to Knightsen is that it\’s near everything, provided you don\’t mind a little bit of driving. Or, with a quick BART ride, one can see a lot of the area and not have to drive.

Stockton is close enough to head into for dinner or to buy groceries. At 300,000 people, there is plenty of stuff to do and see in this city. Whether a resident of Knightsen wants to go shopping, check out museums or even watch minor league baseball or hockey, they have plenty of options. Not only that, there are plenty of plays and culture events. Yes while San Francisco and the East Bay may overshadow Stockton, one should not forget about this great midsize city. And, since it\’s only about 30 minutes from Knightsen, this is a great draw for many people who live in this unincorporated rural community.

However, if a person is not a fan of Stockton and would rather check out Berkeley, they are in luck as it\’s not far away. Whether a resident of Knightsen wants to check out the bay, the college or Tilden for some hiking, they can do so with ease. With a short and stress-free drive, one can be in the East Bay quickly. Or, if a commuter doesn\’t mind the more than one hour BART ride, they can be in the middle of it all in downtown San Francisco. Either way one looks at it, they can be in a world class city, go hiking or enjoy the bay, all within an hour\’s drive.

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