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Welcome to Lafayette

Lafayette is a city with an agenda. The residents incorporated in the 1960’s to ensure that their quality of life and community values were protected. At the heart of the city is a rural demeanor and a desire for simplicity. In most cases, the government is distant and removed from the daily operations of resident’s lives. That is by design, as the city charter calls for volunteer commissions and community groups to manage as much of the daily operations of the city as possible. The end result is a community with an excellent reputation and a high standard of living.

Lay of the Land

Lafayette is located in the central portion of Contra Costa County, an equal distance between the western slopes of Mount Diablo and the eastern edge of the San Francisco Bay. Lafayette is located at the northern edge of San Ramon Valley and is bordered to the east by the city of Walnut Creek. The city is also bordered by several smaller, unincorporated communities and the Briones Regional Park.

The city has a total population of 25,053 and sits on an area of just over 15 square miles. Lafayette is also an extremely affluent community, one of the wealthiest in not just the county, but the Bay Area in general. Residents enjoy an estimated household income of over $150,00 while the estimated median home value is well over one million dollars.


Like most of the cities near the eastern edge of the San Francisco Bay, Lafayette is perfectly positioned to take advantage of a wide range of transportation options. The city itself is located just to the west of the intersection of Interstate 680 and State Highway 24. This provides access to San Francisco and Oakland in the immediate area as well as San Jose in the south and Sacramento in the north.

Public transportation is available on a local and regional level via County Connections. County Connections is responsible for the local bus lines which operate in the central portion of the county. Additionally, Walnut grove is the home of a Bay Area Rapid Transit station which connects to a variety of key locations in the larger region. Finally, the city is also only several miles away from the San Francisco International Airport as well as the Oakland International Airport.

Local Highlights

While the city of Lafayette has a wide range of commercial services, the primary focus of the city and of the community is maintaining a high quality of life for all residents and not functioning as a regional destination for dining and shopping.

To this end, Lafayette has devoted a significant amount of energy and resources in cultivating an artistic community and cultural support system. The city is home to several traditional visual art galleries, several performing arts centers, and several venues that support musicians in general. This is in addition to the seasonal artistic events and workshops that the city and the community organize and support.

The city is also home to a dedicated Parks, Trails, and Recreation department. As the name implies, the primary focus of the organization is to maintain the city’s seven parks, 16 miles of hiking trails, and organize recreational programs and classes. This is accomplished through a wide range of support from local businesses and philanthropic organizations as well as through constant feedback from the community at large.

Finally, Lafayette is bordered on the north by the 6,000 acre Briones Regional Park. Operated by the East Bay Regional Park District, Briones is one of the most diverse and accommodating locations in Contra Costa County. The park supports traditional activities such as hiking, biking, horseback riding, and bird watching. However, it also has several areas dedicated to camping, picnicking, and even an archery range.

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