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Welcome to Oakley

Despite existing in some form or another since the late 1800s, the city of Oakley never officially incorporated until 1998, making it one of the youngest cities in Contra Costa County. Like most of the cities in the region, the history of Oakley can be found in the fertile California Delta farmland that surrounds the city. Despite humble roots, modern Oakley is a city of meticulously planned urban development. This includes a burgeoning retail and commercial center as well as numerous recreational activities designed and planned around the city’s residential core.

Lay of the Land

Oakley is located along the eastern edge of Contra Costa County, pushed up against the waterways of the California Delta. The city is just east of Antioch and north of Brentwood. However, there are also numerous smaller Delta communities surrounding it on all sides. Additionally, several of the city’s borders are defined by major waterways, including the Big Break Estuary and the Middle River. Despite its relatively recent incorporation, the city has experienced the rapid growth common for the region, resulting in a population of 38,194. The average household income for the city is $77,380 while the median estimated home value is $247,112.


Oakley is served by State Route 4 and State Route 160, which intersect along the western edge of the city. State Route 4 moves across the county from east to west before eventually connecting to San Francisco. On the other hand, State Route 160 moves north from Oakley along the Sacramento River before eventually ending at the city of Sacramento.

Tri Delta Transit is the primary provider of public transportation for the eastern most section of the county. TDT provides shuttle and bus service which connects Brentwood, Antioch, Pittsburg, Oakley, Bay Point, Discovery Bay, and Concord. Additionally, several of the transit lines also connect to key regional locations as well as Bay Area Rapid Transit stations.

Local Highlights

While Oakley lacks a single dedicated regional shopping center, the city is dotted with multiple commercial locations that provide residents with a wide of goods and services. These include Cypress Square, Oakley Business Center, Centro Mart Shopping Center, Lucky’s Shopping Center and numerous smaller shopping centers. Additionally, Oakley also features a wide range of eateries. These include nationally recognizable chain locations as well as locally owned and operated dining options.

At its heart, Oakley is a small agricultural community with deep regional roots. To this end, the city organizes and supports a wide range of activities and events. The city of Oakley Recreational Division is an extension of the local government dedicated to maintaining the health and wellness of the community through the operation of a wide range of recreational activities. This is accomplished by maintaining local parks and recreational facilities and by maintaining strong ties to numerous community groups. The city currently offers 25 distinct programs in four separate areas: athletic programs, youth programs, kids and tots programs, and general recreational classes. The city also manages several annual events.

These include generic enrichment events such as the Heart of Oakley celebration, a single day event designed to provide community members an opportunity to connect while enjoying a wide range of carnival style food and activities. The city also operates a cityhood celebration which coincides with the 4th of July holiday. The event features numerous activities and locally operated vendor booths as well as activities designed to raise civic awareness and encourage civic responsibility.

Finally, the city also sponsors several seasonal holiday celebrations. These include the Hometown Halloween Decorating Contest as well as the Hometown Holiday Decorating Contest. Designed to encourage residents to express their creativity and pride in their local community, both events are free-of-charge and open to all residents within the city of Oakley.

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