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Welcome to Pacheco

A lot of people who want to live in the Bay Area don’t necessarily want to live in a big city or in the heart of it all. There are options, and one of the best options is Pacheco real estate. This town of about 3,700 is right down the street from Walnut Creek, which is a well-liked and beautiful place. Pacheco is a small and peaceful town that is great for college students commuting, people raising families or even people working in the tech industry.

Lay of the Land

People not familiar with the area may think they are in Walnut Creek when they are in Pacheco. Located just over 5 miles from Walnut Creek and not far From the BART station, this is a nice town to call home. The first thing people notice about Pacheco is the stunning view of Mount Diablo. It’s only about a 20-minute drive to the summit of Mount Diablo, so Pacheco is a great town for anyone who wants to live near the outdoors. It’s also great for people commuting to anywhere that BART goes as it’s easy to hop on and get to San Francisco, Oakland, Berkeley or any other cities and towns on the line.


Pacheco is near the BART line in Walnut Creek, where one can get to downtown San Francisco in about 40 minutes and to Berkeley in about 20 minutes. This is perfect for anyone who wants to commute into the city or head down to the university in Berkeley. Anyone will rejoice if they own a car and live in Pacheco. It’s very easy to get anywhere in the Bay Area as people can get on interstate 680 and reach most of the Bay Area with relative ease and with little traffic. There is little bus service in the area as Pacheco is not big enough to justify it, but once on the freeway or on BART, residents will have little trouble getting anywhere they want to go.

Local Highlights

While it’s near Walnut Creek, that doesn’t mean that everyone who lives in Pacheco hangs out there all the time. But, the reality is, since Walnut Creek is only a five to 10-minute drive, most people go there for their groceries, clothes and other household items. Not only that, the area is home to a lot of bars, and it’s inexpensive to take a cab or use a ride-sharing application like Uber.

Another draw, and it’s a big one, is that Pacheco is right down the road from Mount Diablo. There are plenty of daring and energetic people who love to ride their bikes from Pacheco all the way to the top of Mount Diablo. Though, there is an easier way up, and it only takes about 20 minutes to drive to the summit. Once at the top, one is treated to amazing views to the east and west. Yes, whether a person wants to have a brief picnic on the mountain or go all out, they can when they head out to mount Diablo, and it’s easy to access from Pacheco.

Being near the BART line and next to the freeway, there is a lot for residents of Pacheco to check out. One can head up to Napa or down to Berkeley, Oakland or San Francisco. Realistically, all the interesting places in the Bay area are well within reach, and whether taking BART or driving, one can be just about everywhere they would want to go in under 30 minutes. But, don’t think that Pacheco is boring, and that is not the case. Instead, it offers both outdoor recreation and easy access to other fun and exciting cities and towns.

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