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Welcome to Pittsburg

From an early history dominated by canning and coal production, to a brief stint as a steel production center and later the home of a major military installation, Pittsburg has always been a city that was constantly growing and changing. Most recently, the city has rediscovered its industrial roots and has enjoyed rapid residential expansion which has boosted Pittsburg real estate.

Lay of the Land

Pittsburg is located along the northern edge of Contra Costa County. A sprawling city, Pittsburg has developed predominantly along State Route 4 with minimal expansion to the south. The northern edge of the city is pushed against the beginnings of the California Delta region though the city is technically a part of the East Bay region of the San Francisco Bay Area. The city of Antioch sits along the eastern side of town while Concord and several smaller county communities reside to the west.

The city’s 2013 population of 66,695 is almost double that recorded in 1980, and a sharp increase from the year 2000 figure of 56,769. Fortunately, despite population increases and a significant housing demand, the local economy has remained balanced, with an average household income of $61,182 and estimated median home values of $238,500.


The rapid growth and expansion of the central and eastern sections of Contra Costa County has resulted in State Route 4, which runs through the center of Pittsburg, developing into a major regional commuter roadway. It serves to connect the city to popular destinations within the county and also to the city of San Francisco.

Pittsburg also benefits from a local Bay Area Rapid Transit station which it shares with the city of Bay Point. The station provides train service from Pittsburg to the San Francisco International Airport and to the city of Millbrae, just outside of San Francisco. On a local level, Tri Delta Transit operates a series of commuter bus lines and shuttle service which connect the major cities in the eastern section of the county. This includes stops in Pittsburg, Bay Point, Antioch, Oakley, Discovery Bay, Concord, and Brentwood.

Local Highlights

Like most cities in California, Pittsburg has decided to pay homage to its past while progressing into the future through a revitalized downtown district. Historic downtown Pittsburg features numerous shops and dining locations as well as numerous fully restored historical buildings. Additionally, the area features numerous cozy residential locations as well as several dual-purposes buildings.

The area also supports a wide range of community organized events. The Culinary Crawl is a local favorite. Held every Thursday, the Crawl features a wide range of culinary specials and sampling programs operated by the eateries in the downtown section of the city. The city also sponsors a wide range of musical festivals and seasonally themed events in the downtown district.

The Delta View Golf Course is an 18 hole Championship level course located in the foothills of the city. The 6,317 yard course features a scenic backdrop of Mount Diablo, beautiful views of the distant California Delta, and fairways lined with eucalyptus trees. The course also features an onsite restaurant, training programs, and is also the home of the Monterey Bay Golf Academy.

Finally, like most other cities along the California Delta, Pittsburg is a prime location for engaging in a wide range of aquatic activities. The Pittsburg Marina is a 575 slip municipal marina located at the intersection of the Sacramento and San Joaquin rivers. It provides quick access to the upper delta region as well as the San Francisco Bay.

On a local level, both residents and visitors alike enjoy fishing, swimming, boating, windsurfing, and exploring the surrounding waterways. This includes visiting Brown’s Island, Winter Island, the Dow Wetlands Preserve, and the numerous parks on Sherman Island. All of these locations are easily accessible from the city by boat and support their own unique range of activities and sightseeing.

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