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Port Costa

Welcome to Port Costa

Historically, Port Costa was an extremely important regional transit location. Not only was it home to one of the main ferry locations on the transcontinental railroad, but it was also once the busiest wheat shipping port in the entire United States. However, the construction of a railroad bridge at Martinez and the reduction of regional wheat production singled the decline of important for the tiny coastal city. Modern day Port Costa is a tiny community known for its smattering of antique shops and residential homes, making Port Costa real estate appealing.

Lay of the Land

Port Costa is a small,unincorporated city along the Carquinez Strait in the western section of Contra Costa County. Surrounded on all sides by rolling hills and open spaces managed by the East Bay Park District, Port Costa’s closest neighbor is the city of Crockett with which it shares a rich history and majority of public services. The Carquinez Strait Regional Shoreline and Crockett Hills Regional Park are both share a border with the community. Port Costa has a tiny population of just 190 full time residents. The estimated average household income for the community is $87,098 while the average home value is $242,178.


Despite the small size of the community, Port Costa benefits from a favorable geographic location when it comes to local transportation options. Interstate 80 moves through Crockett just to the west of Port Costa. The Interstate moves north into Vallejo and Sacramento while heading south into Oakland and San Francisco. Additionally, it also intersects State Route 4 just south of town, which runs east through central and eastern Contra Costa County.

The Western Contra Costa County Transit Authority handles public transportation for the section of the county in which Port Costa is located. WestCAT manages bus lines which connect the towns along the western edge of the county to each other and to various local transit points. This includes Bay Area Rapid Transit stations as well as transportation hubs in San Francisco and the San Francisco International Airport.

Local Highlights

Despite its humble size, Port Costa is a city with a rich history that is reflected accurately by various local businesses. The Burlington Hotel is an eclectic location with various themed rooms and a history of functioning as a meeting place for local bikers. The Bull Valley Roadhouse is a community dining themes restaurant with a Victorian air and enthusiastic local staff. The town is also home to various local art stores and locally operated antique stores which sell a collection of traditional antiques and items that reflect the culture of the county.

Port Costa is also located in the midst of the Carquinez Strait Regional Shoreline. The park is over 1,400 acres of soaring hills, diverse plant and animals species, and lightly developed coastal land. One of the main distinctions of the Carquinez shoreline is the difference in height between the coastline itself and the bluffs that soar away from the shore. Some of the higher points within the park reach heights of over 750 feet. The walking trails and peaks of the shoreline provide an amazing view of the California Delta in the east, Mount Diablo in the south, and even Mount Tamalpais in the northwest. While the shoreline is well managed by the East Bay Park District, it is one of the less developed locations in the park network. It currently lacks a dedicated campground or picnic area and activities are limited to traveling along the numerous trails and general sightseeing.

Fortunately, Port Costa is also located just east of the Crockett Hills Regional Park. Crockett Hills is 1,900 acres of open space, though it does contain significantly more when it comes to amenities and activity support structures. The park contains facilities for hiking, biking, horseback riding, camping and picnicking. Additionally, the park also hosts periodic ecological and environmental awareness classes and classes designed to provide education regarding the local plant and wildlife species.

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