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Welcome to Richmond

Vast grain fields, industrial centers, the World War II industrial complex, and the railroad all played a key part in the history of Richmond. An important regional and historical fixture along the edge of the San Francisco Bay, Richmond is one of the largest cities in Contra Costa County. While the city endured its fair share of struggles while it transitioned from a failing industrial zone into a burgeoning technology center, Richmond real estate is currently home to one of the fastest growing economies in the Bay Area.

Lay of the Land

Positioned in the western section of Contra Costa County, Richmond is located on the peninsula that separates the San Francisco Bay and the San Pablo Bay. Richmond is almost directly across the Bay from the city of San Francisco as well as being located near several additional major metropolitan areas, including Oakland and San Jose to the south. At 107,571 residents, Richmond is the largest of the cities located in the western section of the county. While the city is currently in the midst of an economic revival, the technology sectors of the city are in their infancy. This has led to an average household income of $54,638 and an average home value of $259,900.


Richmond is a central transit hub for the region. Interstate 80 and Interstate 580 both run through the city at some point and provide access to Marin County in the west, San Francisco in the south, and Sacramento in the north.

Public transportation is also abundant within the city. This includes both local, regional, and national transportation options. The center of the city is home to a joint Amtrak and Bay Area Rapid Transit station. The city is also served by a variety of AC Transit bus lines which provide coverage on a local level and also to many locations within Alameda County and Contra Costa County. Finally, the Oakland International Airport and the San Francisco International Airport are both easily accessible from the city.

Local Highlights

Richmond is home to several distinct commercial and retail zones. Point Richmond, which is essentially an independent village operating within Richmond proper, is home to a variety of quaint, locally operated shops. These include a wide range of owner-operated boutiques and specialty coffee shops. It is also home to several historic locations, including The Masquers Playhouse, a local performing arts center, and the Richmond Plunge, a popular and historic local natatorium.

On the more modern end, the city is also home to several recently built or renovated shopping areas. The Hilltop Mall, anchored by a combination of Sears, Macy’s and J.C. Penny, is home to a wide range of nationally recognizable and affordable shopping locations. It is also home to a Century Theater which features a total of 16 screens. The Downtown Richmond area has also been the beneficiary of a modernization and restoration movement. The city “main street” region is home to a combination of locally owned businesses and national retail locations.

Additionally, the city of Richmond is home to a wide parks and open space preserves. On a local level, the city is responsible for maintaining over 330 acres of dedicated park space within city limits. These include local neighborhood parks and larger community locations with public access amenities. It also includes a wide range of athletic fields and activity based locations.

The city is also surrounded by a wide range of locations managed by the East Bay Regional Park District. These include a collection of regional parks and several regional shorelines. Overall, these locations represent over 3,000 acres of lightly developed recreational zones and untouched wilderness.

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