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San Pablo

Welcome to San Pablo

Unsurprisingly, the early history of San Pablo real estate is dominated by Spanish settlements and cultural influences. However, the modern history of the city begins with World War II, when production at the Richmond Shipyard caused the population to spike. Development and modernization continued after the war as the local economy flourished and farmland was rapidly converted into residential neighborhoods. Modern San Pablo is a cosmopolitan city, with a thriving population and commercial sector close to a wide range of Bay Area attractions.

Lay of the Land

Located just north of Oakland in the western edge of Contra Costa County, San Pablo is one of the more uniquely positioned cities in the region. San Pablo is essentially an island located in the center of Richmond. This means that it is also close to the cities of Pinole, Hercules, and El Cerrito. San Pablo is one of the more population dense locations in the county, with a total of 29,685 residents located on just over three square miles. Despite its proximity to the Oakland and San Francisco economic zones, San Pablo has managed to maintain reasonable economic conditions. The estimated median household income for the city is $45,179 while the average estimated home value is $196,304.


San Pablo’s geographic proximity to the immediate Bay Area grants the city access to a wide range of public transportation and traditional ground based travel options. Interstate 80 links the city to Vallejo and eventually Sacramento in the north, while also providing access to Oakland and San Francisco in the south.

Unlike many counties, the sprawling nature of Contra Costa County combined with the division of the county into several geographic regions means that it lacks a unified transit system. Instead, the county is covered by a wide range of smaller, overlapping systems.

San Pablo is served by WestCat and AC Transit. WestCAT (Western Contra Costa Transit Authority) provides transit service to the western section of the county. AC Transit (Alameda-Contra Costa Transit District) provides transit services to cities located in the southwestern section of Contra Costa County and most of the cities within Alameda county. San Pablo is also close to several Bay Area Rapid Transit stations which provides transit to the Bay Area in general.

Local Highlights

Despite its small relative size and unique geographic position, San Pablo is still home to several of the beautiful natural locations which define the region. In addition to a wide range of neighborhood and city parks, the area is also home to the San Pablo Reservoir and Wildcat Canyon Regional Park.

Despite the name, The San Pablo Reservoir is actually a public access facility with a range of activities and facilities devoted to public use. While swimming access is limited, a wide range of aquatic activities are supported. There are several boat launches as well as a boat rental facility and dedicated kayaking support. Additionally, the reservoir is constantly stocked with fish and supports a wide range of recreational and competition fishing activities. Finally, the area is home to a variety of trails and unique animal life.

Wildcat Canyon Regional Park is a 2,427 acre park that extends along the Wildcat Creek Watershed from from the edge of San Pablo in the north to the edge of the Berkeley hills in the south. The park is one of the more developed locations in the region, with dedicated picnic grounds, reservable campgrounds, and several small children’s play areas in addition to the 25 miles of dedicated hiking trails.

Finally, the city is also home to San Pablo Lytton Casino. The casino is operated by the Lytton Band of Pomo Indians in conjunction with the city. It features a wide range of dining facilities and a full service hotel. Originally a small card room, the location has since expanded into a full service casino with a variety of gambling options.

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