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San Ramon

Welcome to San Ramon

In many ways, San Ramon is the typical Bay Area city. On one hand, it is located in the scenic valley of the same name, surrounded by pristine open spaces and lightly developed parks. The city has a rich rural history that influences several facets of the community today. However, it is also the fourth largest city in Contra Costa County, with a regionally dominant economy and commercial base. Regardless of the dichotomy, San Ramon real estate remains a destination for a variety of reasons.

Lay of the Land

The city of San Ramon is located in the San Ramon Valley in the central region of Contra Costa County. It shares the valley with Alamo, Danville, Diablo, and elements of Walnut Creek in the north. The city also shares a border with Mount Diablo in the northeast and Alameda County in the south. With a total population of 74,513, San Ramon is the fourth largest city in the county. The proximity of the city to San Francisco, a generally desirable location, and a thriving local economy have all conspired to push the local cost of living beyond the county average. The estimated median household income for the city is $131,309 while the estimated average home value is $737,600.


San Ramon is split down the middle by Interstate 680 which serves as the dominant regional commuter hub for north to south transit. The interstate runs into Vallejo and Napa Valley in the north and the city of San Jose in the south. It also intersects Interstate 580 just south of town, which runs through the region from east to west.

Public transportation for the city is handled by a variety of county and regional services. County Connections operates bus lines which connect many of the cities located in this portion of Contra Costa County. Additionally, it provides access to local Bay Area Rapid Transit stations. San Ramon is also served by AC Transit, which operates an extensive series of transit routes which connect the cities of Alameda county with several locations within Contra Costa County. Finally, the city is also close to the San Francisco International Airport and The Oakland International Airport.

Local Highlights

Unlike most of the more relaxed and rural cities in Contra Costa County, San Ramon has a commercial sector more reminiscent of San Francisco or a city within Silicon Valley. The city is home to Bishop Ranch, a sprawling office-park, which houses numerous corporate offices. Currently, Chevron, AT&T, Bank of the West, and a variety of smaller, nationally recognizable corporations have an office of some form located within Bishop Ranch. These organizations are the economic lifeblood of the city, providing a solid tax base, and representing almost a quarter of the individuals employed within the city.

The city has a respectable commercial sector outside of corporate interests, but currently lacks a recognizable sector within the city itself, though a project to revitalize and renovate the downtown section of the city is due to be complete in 2017. Until that time, San Ramon has the benefit of being located near not only the immediate Bay Area, but also the Tri Valley Region of Alameda County. Pleasanton, Livermore, and Dublin represent a significant portion of the cultural and economic development in Alameda County. These locations harbor a wide range of recreational activities and amenities, including golfing, wine tasting, and a wide collection of critically acclaimed restaurants.

Additionally, the Tri Valley area is also home to a dominant collection of shopping centers and malls. The Paragon Outlets in Livermore is a brand new, modern facility that is home to over 130 separate shopping locations and discount stores. Stoneridge Mall in Pleasanton is not as large as some of the other regional locations, but does represent a change of pace based on its open design and outdoor spaces. Blackhawk Plaza, just a few minutes from San Ramon in Danville, represents not only an outdoor shopping center, but a local auto museum, the Century movie theater, and the Blackhawk Art Gallery.

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