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Welcome to Greenbrae

Greenbrae is a wonderful community located in the center of Marin County. The residential sections of the community border the nearby city of Larkspur, while its census designated boundaries include large portions of county land.  The appeal of the community is it’s lush rolling hills and beautiful residential homes combined with an array of nearby shopping and recreational activities to make Greenbrae one of the not-so-hidden gems of the region.  There is plenty of shopping in Greenbrae and nearby Larkspur, Corte Madera and Kentfield.  Corte Madera shares its school district with Kentfield.

Lay of the Land

Literally translated, Greenbrae means “greenhills.” This is an obviously appropriate name in light of the rolling hills and lush waterfront terrain that defines most of the community. Greenbrae is essentially an extended residential neighborhood located in the center of several communities in the eastern section of Marin County. It is bordered by downtown Larkspur to the south, Larkspur Landing to the east, a portion of Kentfield to the west, and the sprawling city of San Rafael to the north. Loosely defined borders and open communities have led to positive relationships between Greenbrae and its neighbors, including shared services and pooled organizational support. It is an extremely prestigious community, with affluent residents drawn primarily from the regional elite. This has led to average home prices well into the millions and an average household income of almost twice the state average.


Sir Francis Drake Boulevard splits Greenbrae down the middle while U.S. Route 101 sits just on the community’s eastern border. Sir Francis Drake Boulevard provides access to the western section of the county while the 101 moves north into Sonoma County and south into the Bay Area. Additionally, Interstate 580, which intersects the 101 just above Greenbrae, provides access to the Richmond area.

Public transportation in Marin County is extremely limited by design. The county has decided that excessive infrastructure takes away from the natural beauty and tranquil ambiance of the region. Public transit is therefore limited to bus lines and shuttles for transportation within the region, and the Golden Gate Ferry for aquatic transport to San Francisco.

Local Highlights

Like many of the Marin communities located near the San Francisco Bay, Greenbrae features aggressive ordinances and zoning regulations designed to prevent development that would impinge upon any resident’s ability to enjoy the local scenery. This includes measures against excessive landscaping or structural development that would block another resident’s view of the surrounding territory. Regulations are aggressively enforced by the Greenbrae homeowners association.

However, the residents of Greenbrae are not opposed to commercial development, especially when it comes to local shopping or dining locations. Larkspur offers an historic downtown region filled with locally owned restaurants and boutiques, while the Larkspur Landing offers a more modern feel. Additionally, Kentfield features its own collection of specialty shops and eclectic eateries for the residents of Greenbrae to enjoy. Closer to home, the Bon Air Center functions as the focal point for both commercial and community activities in the immediate area. Bon Air features over fifty separate stores and restaurants. It also hosts numerous community focused events and organizational meetings.

The communities proximity the San Francisco Bay and Mount Tamalpais means that residents are able to take part in a wide range of outdoor recreational activities and hobbies designed to maximize the local geography. This includes the extensive walking and hiking trails that lace the eastern section of the county. Additionally, Greenbrae is also home to the historic Marin Rowing Club and supports numerous aquatic activities.

School District

The Kentfield School District is a relatively small school district comprised of two public schools: A.E. Kent Middle School and the Bacich Elementary School. The Kentfield School District provides educational services for the city of Kentfield and the community of Greenbrae.

The Tamalpais Union High School District provides public high school services for a majority of the communities in the southeastern section of Marin County. Greenbrae students attend Redwood High School which is located in Larkspur. By any metric, both the Kentfield School District and the Tamalpais Union High School District have a history of educational excellence. This includes consistently high scores on the California Academic Performance Index, numerous state recognitions for distinguished performance, and top rankings by independent national organizations.

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