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Welcome to Larkspur

Larkspur, like many of the smaller communities in Northern California, is a quiet city, full of residents who appreciate their privacy and a small town ambiance. It is known for its historic downtown and stunning residential neighborhoods. However, unlike many of its more isolated neighbors, Larkspur has also embraced a measure of modernization. This includes limited commercial sectors, an active and formalized government, and transportation infrastructure.

Lay of the Land

Located near Mount Tamalpais in the center of Marin County, Larkspur is just 15 miles north of San Francisco. Highway 101 intersects the city from north to south while the Corte Madera Creek splits the town from east to west. The city has a small border with the San Francisco Bay while the rest of the city is surrounded by mountainous terrain, several open space preserves, and the small communities of Kentfield, Corte Madera, and Greenbrae. A variety of factors, including geographic location and school district, has made Larkspur one of the most sought after housing locations in the county and pushed average home values well over one million dollars. At 12,204 residents, Larkspur is actually one of the larger cities in the county, while the average household income ($94,770) is average for the area.


Transportation infrastructure in Marin County is limited by a general preservationist attitude and desire to avoid extensive development. On a county wide level, public transportation is limited to a series of public busses and local shuttles that circle the outer edges of the county. However, Larkspur benefits in the transportation area from its proximity to San Francisco and the Bay Area. Highway 101 provides residents with road access to San Francisco and the northern sections of Marin County. Additionally, ferry services are available from Larkspur to San Francisco. San Francisco provides a variety of public transportation options to locations in the Bay Area, Silicon Valley, and the San Francisco International Airport.

Local Highlights

As one of the southern most cities in Marin County, Larkspur is able to provide residents with a Marin County zip code and easy access to the Bay Area. However, despite its proximity to the Bay Area and its more relatively progressive attitude when it comes to development and commercial ventures, at its heart, Larkspur is as focused on maintaining sterling residential neighborhoods and a peaceful ambiance as any other city in the county.

The western section of downtown is an officially listed location on the National Register of Historic Places. False-front store facades, homes built in the Victorian Queen Anne style, and dozens of early governmental buildings populate the area. However, these locations exist alongside numerous modern boutiques, shopping areas, and locally owned eateries. The commercial ventures in the area are all small and fit in with the general ambiance of the area.Past Highway 101 is the eastern section of Downtown Larkspur. This region was historically known as Larkspur Landing, but underwent a rebranding and revitalization in the late 2000’s and is now known as Marin Country Mart. It features a variety of sprawling outdoor shopping locations, fountains, and access to the San Francisco Ferry terminal. The area is also home to numerous live musical performances on Friday nights and a large farmer\’s market on Saturday mornings, as the weather permits.

Finally, Larkspur is also home to numerous parks and community organized recreational events. Most of the parks in the area are naturally occurring locations with extensive walking trails and little in the way of developed facilities. Recreational activities include seasonal athletic programs for a wide range of age groups, early childhood education and enrichment classes, and a variety of services aimed at the city’s elderly population.