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Muir Beach

Welcome to Muir Beach

Muir Beach is located on a peaceful stretch of coastline just north of the Golden Gate Bridge. Calling the area a city or a town would be a stretch. The citizens of Muir Beach don’t much mind what you call their home. They are a relaxed sort, just enjoying butterflies flittering through the redwood trees and the sound of the ocean gently lapping against the beach. However, the area is well tended, the locals are welcoming, and the sun is always shining on Muir Beach.

Lay of the Land

As the name implies, Muir Beach is located in Marin County along the Pacific Ocean. It is one of the smallest recognizable communities in the area, with just over 300 total full time residents. The area is relatively isolated, with its neighbors consisting of the Golden Gate National Recreation Area, the Muir Woods National Monument, and Mount Tamalpais State Park. When it comes to actual populated locations, Stinson Beach and Bolinas are just up the coast. The local scenery combined with the close proximity to both the Bay Area and Eastern Marin County have led to an extremely affluent environment. The average household income for Muir Beach is $181,228 while homes average over $1,000,000.


As a region, Marin County is extremely focused on conservation and the preservation of the natural beauty of the area. This means extremely limited roadways and public transportation infrastructure. Route 1 runs through Muir Beach along the coast to the north and directly into State Highway 101 in the south. This at least provides limited car access for the area. Marin Transit also offers limited shuttle access to Muir Woods in the north, while the Martin County Stagecoach offers access to nearby Bolinas and Stinson Beach. However, no direct public transportation is available for Muir Beach itself.

Local highlights

Despite its modest size, Muir Beach has an active and engaged community, working together to support a variety of activities and events. The Muir Beach Community Center is the default location for a wide range of activities. These include all of the community sponsored activities and classes, meeting for the local Board of Directors, and a location for local weddings and social functions. Space is limited both insides and outside of the community center, making parking and large scale gatherings a problem. However, there is a small kitchen available for food preparation.

The Pelican Inn is an English themed restaurant and hotel located along the hills overlooking the beach. It is stylistically modeled after early 16th century English cottages and features a menu chock full of traditional British meals. However, in typical Marin County fashion, the menu items are all either grown locally or come from locations utilizing sustainable and environmentally responsible business practices. The Inn also features weekly live performances of traditional English folk songs and more modern bluegrass and country favorites. Finally, the Pelican Inn is also available for large scale events and weddings. This includes the use of the hotel, the restaurant, community halls, and the traditionally stocked English Pub.

Muir Woods is located just north of Muir Beach. Muir Woods is an isolated location, possessing few amenities or organized park services. There is no cell-phone service within the woods, parking is limited, and public transportation to the area is sporadic. Food is not permitted in the forest. Dogs, horses, bikes, and camping is also not permitted in the forest. The trails in Muir Woods are often narrow, slanted, full of root growth, and difficult to traverse. It is also one of the most visited locations in Marin County, because despite all of the regulations and inconveniences, it is home to thousands of old-growth coastal redwoods. The size and majesty of some of the largest and oldest living things on the planet provides a relaxing and humbling backdrop for the area’s six miles of organized trails.