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San Geronimo

Welcome to San Geronimo

Heading west along Sir Francis Drake Boulevard, the rolling hills and dipping canyons of Central Marin County begin to give way to the densely packed forests of the county’s western reaches. There is no official border between the two regions, just a slight change in scenery and a little shift in philosophy. San Geronimo serves as the de facto border town between the east and central portions of the county. While the town has the more sophisticated feel of the central section of the county, it still clings to its naturalist roots and cultural history.

Lay of the Land

San Geronimo is a small, census designated location in the center of Marin County. It is located in San Geronimo Valley, a location generally referred to simply as “The Valley”, that also houses the tiny communities of Woodacre, Forest Knolls, and Lagunitas. The area has a unique geographic profile as one end of the valley marks the beginning of the redwood forests of the western section of the county and the other end features the hills and canyons common to the Mount Tamalpais region. San Geronimo is a relatively tiny town, featuring a total population of 446. Housing is modest for the region, though with an average home value of $856,211, it dwarfs the state average.


Marin County is a region famous for its preservationist attitude and aversion to commercial development. For the most part, the county is devoid of transportation infrastructure. San Geronimo is located exactly in the center of the county, meaning it is equally far from Coastal Highway 1 in the west and State Highway 101 in the east. Sir Francis Drake Boulevard serves as the area’s primary ground based transport option. The Marin County Stagecoach, a series of small shuttle services that patrol the outer reaches of the county, stops in San Geronimo as well as several of the other small communities in the region.

Local Highlights

The community of San Geronimo shares a majority of its community services and support systems with the neighboring members of the San Geronimo Valley. Resource and population pooling allows each of the communities to enjoy an array of services that would not be possible for any of them individually. This includes youth programs, community based human service programs, and programs designed to assist the elderly. The majority of these programs take place throughout locations within the valley itself, though the San Geronimo Valley Community Center serves as a centralized location for some of the larger programs.

The San Geronimo Golf Course is an 18 hole course spread out over 150 acres of gorgeous natural terrain and light landscaping. The Pacific Sun and the San Francisco Chronicle both voted it the number one golf course in Marin County for five years in-a-row. Like most of the eateries in the county, the onsite restaurant and bar both feature menu items that support local growers and suppliers that embrace organic products and sustainable practices. It also serves as an upscale wedding venue, providing facilities for outdoors and indoor ceremonies, rehearsal dinners, and connections with a variety of local vendors.

The Two Bird Cafe is a local eatery and regional destination. Aesthetically billed as a cozy country restaurant, it features a surprisingly sophisticated menu offering a wide range of breakfast, lunch and dinner dishes as well as an extensive wine list drawn from various local wineries. It also features an indoor fireplace, outdoor deck, and live musical performances by local artists. Finally, the restaurant is connected to The Valley Inn, a small, rustic hotel. The Valley Inn features modest rooms and affordable prices. However, what it lacks in luxury it makes up for in convenience and ambiance.