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Welcome to Sausalito

The waterfront town of Sausalito sits just north of San Francisco on the northern tip of Marin County. The city rolls along the seaside hills of the San Francisco Bay, looking most days like nothing more than a classic Mediterranean community. A modestly sized city, Sausalito is a community focused on quality over quantity. This allows it to compete with the Bay Area giants and maintain its status as a regional destination for dining, shopping, and overall beauty.

Lay of the Land

Sausalito is located on the southeastern tip of Marin County, just north of the Golden Gate Bridge. Being the southernmost city in the county means its only real neighbor is Marin City, just to the north, though it is also bordered by The Bay and by the Golden Gate National Recreation Area. It also means that despite the geographic separation, Sausalito is often considered a part of the Bay Area when describing the region. The city also has a large percentage of residents who work in the traditional Bay Area and commute from Sausalito. This has driven home prices and household incomes beyond the norm for Marin County. The average home in the city is valued well over one million dollars while the average household income rests at a comfortable $122,120.


Being just north of the Golden Gate Bridge means that Sausalito has convenient road access to San Francisco via State Highway 1. Additionally, Sausalito also features Golden Gate Ferry service which offers daily transport to San Francisco as well. San Francisco obviously serves as a transit center for the Bay Area and also offers relatively convenient access to San Mateo County and Santa Clara County. Regional public transportation is limited to Golden Gate Transit bus services in the eastern portion of the county and the West Marin Stagecoach which provides shuttles services to the western section of the county.

Local Highlights

Sausalito is one of the more economically active cities in Marin County. While it lacks the biotechnology or financial districts available in San Francisco, it does feature an impressive retail district relative to its size. However, despite the modern ambiance of the city, the retail section of the city is pure Marin County. Almost all of the shops and retail locations in the city are eclectic, locally owned and operated establishments featuring a wide range of luxury consumer goods. Much of the clothing and furniture sold in Sausalito is personally crafted by local artisans and reflects the spirit of the region. This is in addition to the collection of art galleries and local bookstores.

The dining scene is Sausalito features an equally diverse and regionally inspired collection of restaurants, cafes, delicatessens, and sandwich shops. Many different cultures are represented among the local eateries, in both traditional form and in more modern fusion style menus. This includes Italian, Chinese, French, Indian, and Thai influenced cuisine. Regardless of the dining location or ethnic inspiration, all of the eateries in Sausalito feature a wide range of locally procured fruits, vegetables, and protein.

Finally, in addition to dining and shopping, Sausalito features a wide range of specialty activities and services that function to complete the numerous day trip programs. The city features a wide range of formal and informal tours. These range from locally operated cruises or helicopter tours of the local scenery to self-directed walking tours of the historic regions of the city. The city also features almost a dozen separate day spas and massage parlors. These locations offer a wide range of services which include traditional spa activities as well as more unusual healing and relaxation therapies specific to the region. Finally, the city serves as the perfect jumping off point for visitors wishing to explore the scenic, western section of the county.

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