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Welcome to Woodacre

Like the coastal redwood trees that surround it, the community of Woodacre measures time a little differently than the rest of Marin County. The residents don’t concern themselves with commercial development or economic progress the way their neighbors to the west and the south do. They have their valley, they have their open space preserves, and everything else doesn’t seem to matter too much.

Lay of the Land

Woodacre is the easternmost community in a section of Marin County commonly referred to as “The Valley.” It shares its slice of geography with the communities of San Geronimo, Lagunitas, and Forest Knolls. Like the other denizens of “The Valley,” Woodacre is unincorporated, relying on the county to maintain order and to work for the wellbeing of the community as a whole. Woodacre is uniquely positioned geographically and has the highest base elevation of any community or city in the county. Like most of Marin County, local ordinances and county laws limit the amount of development that can take place in Woodacre. However, its relative isolation has worked to keep home prices modest in comparison to the eastern sections of the county. The average home value is $693,133, while the area’s 1,348 residents generate an average household income of $76,312.


Unlike the Bay Area or Silicon Valley, Marin County doesn’t have the population density or workforce that would necessitate a dedicated public transportation system. This fact, combined with a strong naturalist attitude, has led to minimal transportation infrastructure on a county level. Sir Francis Drake Boulevard, which runs down the center of the community, is the primary road based means of transportation for the area. Highway 1 and State Highway 101 are larger and cover more ground to the north and the south, but Woodacre’s centralized location means neither one is close enough to be convenient. Public transportation in the area is limited to The Marin Stagecoach which operates shuttles to Woodacre and many of the other isolated communities in the western portion of the county.

Local Highlights

Woodacre is quite literally surrounded by open space preserves. Roy’s Redwoods Preserve sits on the northwest edge of town, Loma Alta rests along the northeastern border, Gary Giacomini is pushed against the southwestern portion of town, and Cascade Canyon Open Space Preserve runs along the south eastern section of the community.

Despite their relative geographic proximity, each of the preserves supports a diverse array of plant and animal species as well as featuring wildly different geological structures. Roy’s Redwoods, as the name implies, features a wide range of old growth and new growth trees, and a medium elevation. Loma Alta is one of the highest points in the county and features sparse grasslands and challenging terrain. Gary Giacomini is relatively modest in terms of natural features and wildlife, though it spans an area of over 1,500 acres. Finally, Cascade Canyon is considered one of the more beautiful preserves in the region thanks to the abundance of waterways and falls which provide a permanent habitat for numerous animal species.

When it comes to community services and enrichment programs, Woodacre lacks the resources or population base necessary to organize or support much in the way of locally based programs. It has therefore banded together with the other members of the “Valley” community in order to pool resources and support structures. The traditional array of youth sports programs, rural adolescent interest programs, and educational classes are of course supported through the initiative. However, the primary focus of the programs is to provide economic, educational, and emotional support to the neediest members of the local communities. This includes the operation of a food bank, clothing drives, and extensive programs designed to support the aging population of all of the communities in the San Geronimo region. The San Geronimo Community Center serves as a staging ground and command center for a majority of the programs.

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