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Welcome to Calistoga

Nestled among the oak trees and hot springs, at the base of Mount Saint Helena, sits the rustic city of Calistoga. In a region known for maximizing the natural geography, Calistoga real estate stands out among its peers as a destination known for taking advantage of the best features of the lower valley.

Lay of the Land

Calistoga is located at the northern edge of both Napa County and of the valley itself. The Vaca range sits to the west while the Mayacamas Mountains border the city, and the region, to the east. The town sits at the base of Mount Saint Helena and is only several miles from the summit of Mount Howell. The community of Woodleaf sits to the north of the city while St. Helena sits just to the south. The surrounding area is dotted with natural springs, oak trees, and open valley. Despite all of the natural beauty and recreational appeal of the area, the city remains modest in both size and affluence. The 5,254 residents enjoy an average household income of $56,269 while the median home value for the city is a manageable $370,131.


The primary means of ground based transportation for the city is Interstate 128 which connects it to the remainder of the valley. It also provides access to Highway 12 and Interstate 80, which connect to Sonoma County in the west and the northeast regions of the state, respectively.

Napa County Transportation and Planning Agency is responsible for countywide public transportation. The NCTPA provides shuttles and bus services throughout the majority of Napa County. Additionally, they provide regional access in the form of bus lines which connect to Bay Area Rapid Transit centers as well as transit centers within Solano County. It also provides access to San Francisco ferry services in Vallejo and the Napa County Airport.

Local Highlights

While Calistoga does its best to live up to its claim as the city “with something for everyone” the defining characteristic of any city in Napa County is its collection of local wineries and vineyards. Chateau Montelena is one of the most well-known wineries in the region, and in the state, by virtue of its victory over the best France had to offer at the 1976 Paris Tasting. This effort helped to solidify not only the reputation of Montelena but of Napa Valley in general. Calistoga now features dozens of vineyards, from modest locations positioned along the floor of the valley, to those nestled in the surrounding hills and mountainous areas.

The city also features a wide selection of local eateries. Each of the dining locations within the city feature a wide range of dishes that take advantage of fresh, locally and regionally supplied ingredients. Visitors engaged in a wine tasting tour enjoy stopping at Buster’s Southern BBQ and Bakery along the northern edge of the valley. At the other end of the spectrum, both geographically and palate wise, the Michelin-starred Solbar at Solage provides guests with an array of creative dishes and cocktails.

Visitors to the region have been taking advantage of the mineral-rich volcanic waters of the Calistoga hot springs since the early 1800s. The town is dotted with numerous spas and resorts that seek to take advantage of the steaming and naturally purified waters in order to provide guests with a relaxing and luxurious experience. Guests can also take advantage of the mud bath experience for which the city is known. In addition to the lodgings provided by the combination resort and spas, the city also features a wide range of traditional hotels and locally operated bed and breakfasts.

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