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Deer Park

Welcome to Deer Park

Lounging lazily against the eastern slopes of Mount Howell rests the Napa Valley town of Deer Park. Like most of the communities in the region, both the history of the town and its modern identity are connected intimately with the vineyards and wine industry for which the region is famous. However, unlike many of the cities in the region which have embraced international fame and economic relevance, Deer Park real estate is content to focus on raising quality grapes and enjoying the sun drenched slopes of the town’s mountain backdrop.

Lay of the Land

Positioned in the northern end of Napa Valley, Deer Park is one of the largest unincorporated communities in Napa County. Pushed against the eastern edge of Mount Howell, the community is relatively isolated, with St. Helena to the west and Angwin, near the peak of Mount Howell to the east, being its closest neighbors. Though Deer Park is surrounded by the usual collection of vineyards for which the valley is famous, its out of the way location and mountainous backdrop make it an extremely desirable location. The communities 1,267 residents enjoy an estimated median household income of $109,142 with an estimated median home value of $884,346. Both of these figures are well above both the state average and the average for Napa County.


Transportation in Napa Valley is as direct a proposition as any place in the state. Interstate 29, which sits just west of the community, is the primary means of road based transit in the county. It runs parallel to the Napa River through the length of the valley and passes near every major city, community, and geographic location in the county. It also connects with Interstate 80 and Highway 12, the two major trans-regional roadways in the area.

While relatively small for a countywide organization in the state of California, the Napa Valley County Transportation and Planning Agency manages public transportation efficiently and effectively. Not only does the NCTPA manage the busses and shuttles that connect the local communities within Napa Valley, but it also manages the services that connect to Bay Area Rapid Transit and to the transportation centers in Solano County.

Local Highlights

While many of the Napa Valley vineyards and wineries offer exclusive tours, dining options, and extended tasting parties, the wine industry in Deer Park is on the more muted side. While the area is home to as many wineries and vineyards as any other location in the valley, the majority of the Deer Park wineries offer tours by appointment only. They also lack the extensive dining options or overall entertainment value of many other locations. However, Deer Park is home to Meadowood.

Meadowood is a primarily a hotel and spa. On the lodging side, the hotel provides a wide range of room styles at various locations around the grounds. These include traditional luxury rooms as well as romantic cottages nestled among the surrounding forests and hills. The spa section of the resort features its own collection of luxury suites connected directly to the spa treatment areas. However, guests do not have to stay at one of these specific suites to take advantage of the spa amenities, which include a wide range of relaxation therapies, beautification treatments, and even a custom designed menu prepared by the spa’s own in house chef.

Additionally, Meadowood also provides guests and members with access to a wide range of outdoor activity facilities. These include a 9-hole golf course, a dedicated swimming area, several tennis courts, and even a fitness retreat. The resort even cultivates and maintains its own series of hiking trails. The four mile trail, known as the Meadowood Loop, features several distinct sections designed at varying levels of hiking difficulty. The trail features a minimal amount of developed areas and allows guests to observe the local wildlife in its natural habitat.

Finally, Meadowood provides guests with a full range of dining options. When preparing the daily menu, Chef Christopher Kostow takes advantage of the high quality local produce and seeks to blend the spirit of Napa Valley with his own classically trained French culinary style. The resort offers dining at the restaurant, the bar and bistro, at an outdoor grilling location, poolside, in-room, and even in a picnic style setting.

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