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Welcome to Oakville

As the wineries and vineyards of Napa Valley gained national and international fame, many of the cities leveraged their increasing economic power and burgeoning tourist industry to expand in other directions. Modern day Napa Valley is littered with spas, restaurants, and a wide range of lodging locations. However, not every city embraced fame or expansion. Some of the local communities, including the residents of Oakville, simply smiled, nodded their heads, and continued growing grapes and living their lives, making Oakville real estate so simple.

Lay of the Land

Oakville is an extremely tiny community, with just 72 full time residents according to the last census, conducted in 2015. Located in the center of Napa County, the town sits along Interstate 29, between Yountville and Rutherford, just west of the Napa River. Aside from the local wineries, the town is mainly a collection of abandoned historic buildings and residential locations. Wine production has always been, and always will be, the primary focus of Oakville. Oakville was officially declared a Napa Appellation in 1993. The Oakville American Viticultural Area encompasses over 5,000 total acres of vineyard.


Like most of the communities within the valley, Oakville ground transportation is accomplished primarily by Interstate 29. Interstate 29 moves through the center of the valley parallel to the Napa River. Eventually, it connects to Highway 12 in the south which then runs west into Sonoma County. It also eventually connects to Interstate 80, also in the south, which runs north into Sacramento and south into Oakland.

Public transportation is handled locally and regionally by the Napa County Transportation and Planning Agency. The NCTPA in in charge of managing the shuttles and bus lines that connect the communities of Napa County. Additionally, several bus lines also travel outside of the county. These include lines that connect with Bay Area Rapid Transit service hubs as well as buses that connect to transit locations within Solano County.

Local Highlights

While many of the cities in the county have expanded their focus to include various tourist attractions and cultural expansion projects, Oakville is essentially nothing more than a small collection of houses and thousands of acres of prime wine country. To Kalon, the oldest of the vineyards in the area, was originally planted in 1868. Not only has it been recognized as one of the finest first growth vineyards in the world, but it also provides grapes exclusively for Robert Mondavi Winery.

While the local wineries provide guests with a wide range of tasting tours, they are also the source of a wide range of additional activities. While most wineries in the valley provide food of some sort, the wineries of Oakville go beyond the norm. Many of the local wineries, including Robert Mondavi and Silver Oak, employ a private chef and fully trained culinary staff. This allows the wineries to provide a unique dining experience in which guests can enjoy a menu prepared specifically to complement the in-house wine offering.

Additionally, Robert Mondavi winery provides visitors with an entire sensory experience centered around the rich history and cultural traditions of the community. This includes an extensive collection of historical vineyard artifacts, art gallery and sculpture garden showcasing works that celebrate Napa Valley, and a collection of international tours. The winery also hosts a local concert series. Despite the secluded location, the annual concert series has drawn internationally recognizable artists for over four decades.

Finally, the town is also home to the Oakville Grocery. Founded in 1881, the Oakland Grocery is recognized as one of the oldest continually operating grocery stores in the state of California. The grocery features a collection of traditional goods as well as an extensive collection of locally grown and raised products. Finally, the grocery also features its own chef who works to prepare a seasonally inspired menu with the assistance of local farmers.

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