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Welcome to Campbell

Located in scenic Santa Clara County, California, Campbell is a town defined by its mild weather and charming environment. While it is the original home of tech giant eBay, unlike many of its Silicon Valley neighbors, Campbell is not defined by its place in the technology sector. While many residents do commute to technology jobs in other areas of the county, the relaxed atmosphere and small town feel are what attract them to Campbell.

Lay of the Land

Campbell is located in the West Valley region of Santa Clara County. The town is bounded on its west/southwest border by the towns of Saratoga and Monte Sereno. Los Gatos lies on the southern border of the town, while San Jose dominates the region directly to the north, east and south. Overall, the town occupies a space of approximately 6.35 square miles. The area is extremely dry with less than one percent of the total landmass of the town being comprised of aquatic areas.

Most recent data puts the population of the city at a comfortable 45,000 people. The vast majority of these residents live in single family homes with an average appraised value of approximately $1,198,036. The median family income for the town is $98,258 with a per capita income of $44,023. Overall, there are around 18,000 total households in the town with an average size of 3.6 family members. The city was founded in 1887 and was incorporated as a general law city in 1952. The city currently operates under a city council form of government.

Getting Around

Like the rest of Santa Clara County, there are numerous transportation options when it comes to moving in and around the city of Campbell. Several major roads traverse the city, including State Route 17, State Route 85 and the San Tomas Expressway. Public transportation in the city is managed by the Santa Clara Valley Transportation Authority. This includes several local and express bus lines that link Campbell to many of the surrounding towns and other key County locations. Additionally, the town is also served by three light rail stations with plans for future expansion.

Local Highlights

Campbell schools are defined by their city-run preschools and the rarely found full day kindergarten programs. This commitment to early education pays off in above average middle schools that prepare students well for high school.

One of the main attractions in Campbell is the historic downtown district. The downtown district is defined primarily by its wide assortment of retail locations and dining establishments. These include a wide assortment of boutiques, antique stores, and generally trendy shops. The restaurants include an equally wide array of eating options with everything from gourmet bakeries to local pizzerias operating side-by-side. There are also several landmarks and historical sites of interest within the town. The Ainsley House is a traditional English-Tudor style house that was built in the early twenties. The local historical society took it on as a project after it fell into disrepair over the years. Eventually, it was moved to the downtown quad where it was refurbished with many of the original furnishing and now serves as the centerpiece for the Campbell Historical Museum.

Finally, the town sponsors numerous seasonal events and activities for residents and visitors alike. During the spring, the town holds a Valentine’s Day Fun Run designed to increase overall community health and activity levels. The event is sponsored by several local businesses and features a host of activities and catered food, both before and after the event. During the summer, the town provides residents with a free concert series, with weekly live performances for a total of nine weeks. Finally, the town also organizes an Oktoberfest themed fun walk and fun run event in the fall. As with the spring event, local sponsors provide race participants with food and beverages after the event.