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Welcome to Cupertino

Rolling hills, lazily meandering streams, the Santa Cruz Mountains and the rest of the beautiful naturally features that define Cupertino only tell one half of the story. The rest of the tale is told by industry leaders in technology, a thriving economy, and one eye constantly on the future. These factors combine to create an amazing, dynamic community, balanced between the wonders of nature and the wonders of man. While many people come to Cupertino because of a corporate job or a career in research and development, they inevitably stay for the welcoming community and the rich, vibrant, town history. It is no surprise that many publications and organization rate Cupertino as one of the best places to live in America.Lay of the Land

The most dominating geographical feature of the region is the Santa Cruz Mountains, located at the western end of the city. Additionally, the city brushes against the southern edge of the San Francisco Bay, with several small creeks running through the town on their way to empty into the bay. While it most noticeably shares a border with San Jose, Cupertino is also neighbors with Santa Clara, Saratoga, Sunnyvale, Los Altos, and unincorporated Loyola.

The most recent measurements have put the population at well over 50,000 residents spread out over 11.2 square miles. While it is not the largest city in the area in terms of population or landmass, it does score near the top of the charts when it comes to average household income ($161,000) and average level of education (65% of the residents have at least a Bachelor’s degree).

Getting Around

Car travel into and out of Cupertino is accomplished via State Route 85 and Interstate 280 which intersect within the town. For travel within the town itself, many residents prefer to use the multiple bike lanes and paths conveniently located on most major roads and boulevards. The Santa Clara Valley Transportation Authority maintains several bus lines that operate along numerous avenues of the city. While there is no commuter light rail service within the city itself, several of the surrounding towns and cities do feature stations which makes accessing light rail services relatively easy for residents.

Local Highlights

The most obvious point of interest within Cupertino is most likely the worldwide headquarters of Apple Inc. Not only is it the city’s largest single employer, but it also the most prestigious and influential of the over 60 technology based corporations that have offices within the city limits.Cupertino is also almost as equally well-known for its public education system as it is for its technology complex. Many of the numerous elementary and secondary schools rank among the top performing schools in the state according to the California API test. Additionally, many of these schools are also recognized nationally for their performance. Cupertino is also home to De Anza College. A relatively small school, De Anza College has a rich tradition and is often credited along with Apple Inc. as being one of the primary factors behind the town’s growth.Cupertino also features the Vallco Shopping Mall. After falling into disrepair, the mall was renovated in 2009. The renovation including bringing in stores more in line with the retail proclivities of the residents. Currently, the three level shopping mall features numerous retail stores like Macy’s and Victoria Secrets and activities including, AMC Theatres, and bowling alley and an ice rink.

One of the most overlooked aspects of Cupertino is the extremely active nature of city council when it comes to organizing events and implementing community enrichment programs. The beautiful regional weather means that the city is able to hold festivals throughout most of the year. The also run numerous events including everything from “fun runs” to Shakespeare in the Park.