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Los Gatos

Welcome to Los Gatos

60 miles south of San Francisco, Los Gatos rests at the base of the Santa Cruz Mountains. Located in Santa Clara County, the town sits in the southwestern portion of the county. San Jose bounds Los Gatos on the north and the east, Campbell pushes against the northern edge, and Monte Sereno and Saratoga to the west. The planning area for the city encompasses a diverse array of terrain ranging from flat foothills to densely wooded rolling hills. Regardless of topography, the entire area is crisscrossed with streams, creeks, and riparian habitat.

Lay of the Land

According to the 2010 census the city of Los Gatos had a total population of approximately 29,413. These residents live in approximately 12,355 households spread out over an area of 11,160 sq. miles. Like much of the Silicon Valley Area, Los Gatos is well above the national and state average for income with a median household income of $122,893. Home prices are also above average with an estimated median average of well over one million dollars.

Getting Around

Los Gatos features easy access to State Route 17 and several smaller local highways which make car travel within the state and the region itself quick and easy. It is also relatively close to the city of San Jose which functions as a regional hub for highway and freeway intersects. The Santa Clara Valley itself also features numerous light rail stations, bus lines, and interconnected bike paths. Two community bus lines operate within Los Gatos, while the town of Santa Clara features the closest CalTrain commuter train station and Campbell houses the closest light rail station.

Local Highlights

Unlike many of the towns and cities within the area, Los Gatos is essentially a self-contained community. The city has a balanced mix of residential neighborhoods, commercial ventures and light industrial production. However, it also boasts over 3,000 total businesses. In addition to the traditional smattering of community oriented business, many of the businesses within Los Gatos include visitor destination points such as restaurants, hotels, and specialized retail locations. However, in keeping with the fundamental beliefs of the citizenry regarding heritage, Los Gatos has also developed several parks within the area and has registered downtown on the National Register of Historic Places.

An active city council has worked hard to maintain a close hold on business development within the town. As such, the emphasis for shopping within the town has been on locations that enhance the ambiance of the town or that add character to the downtown shopping district. This means national chains have been rebuffed in favor of more eclectic, locally owned retail locations. However, certain high end locations have been welcomed, including Rolls Royce, Bentley, and Lamborghini, all of which operate a dealership within Los Gatos.The same attitude of exclusivity and culture has been applied to every aspect of the city’s development. The town has eschewed chain locations in favor of individually themed establishments when it comes to both the dining and hotel industries. This has resulted in numerous creative and refreshing eateries focused on providing diners with a unique experience. The local hotels, while generally on the higher end of the financial scale, are some of the most unique and luxurious in the area, offering an array of ancillary services including spa and massage treatments.

Finally, like most of Santa Clara County, Los Gatos has its share of activities that take advantage of the local wildlife and agriculture. Several local wineries provide extended tours of their facilities which include a healthy dose of eating and wine tasting. The town also features the Los Gatos Creek Trail which passes through the center of town and follows the creek all of the way from the Lexington Reservoir to Vasona Lake.


In keeping with the theme of independence and self-containment, the Los Gatos Union School District provides educational services for the town for kindergarten through eighth grade. Additionally, the town has worked with Saratoga to provide high school services to the students of both locations through the Los Gatos-Saratoga Union High School District which operates Los Gatos High School located in the town.