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Welcome to Milpitas

While an integral part of the Santa Clara Valley ethos, Milpitas is located at the southern tip of the San Francisco Bay, making it one of the northernmost towns in Silicon Valley. Milpitas has fully embraced its role as harbinger of a modern Santa Clara Valley, serving as host to numerous technology-based companies and some of the most extensive retail locations in the entire region. However, that doesn’t mean that the city has abandoned its roots or natural heritage. The city maintains a total of 31 parks and provides numerous cultural enrichment activities for the community.

Lay of the Land

Milpitas is often called the “Crossroads of Silicon Valley” because it is located between interstate 680 and 880 which run north and south along the edges of the town. As one of the northernmost towns in Santa Clara Valley, it shares a border with Alameda County and the San Francisco Bay. While the median household income of $98,077 is above the state average the median home value of $745,000 is relatively low for Silicon Valley, making Milpitas one of the most affordable places to live in the region. Milpitas is located on approximately 13.6 sq. miles of land and has a recorded population of 69,783 as of 2013.

Getting Around

As a result of the town being intersected by interstates 680 and 880 car travel for the residents of Milpitas is easy and convenient. Milpitas is also served by the Santa Clara Valley Transportation Authority (VTA) which maintains everything in the area from light rail systems to the BART extension which connects the city to the rest of Santa Clara County. CalTrain also provides commuter train services to numerous regional locations. Finally, the city of Milpitas has spent extensive time and resources in conjunction with the VTA creating a community based transportation plan. The plan helped in the creation of numerous local bike paths, bus lines, and pedestrian improvements that have made travel within the city logistically sound and convenient.

Local Highlights

Milpitas is unique among its neighbors in that it has managed to maintain balanced growth between the industrial, commercial, and residential interests in the town. With the possible exception of San Jose, most of the surrounding towns have developed identities largely centered on one of the three at the cost of the remaining two. Somehow, Milpitas has managed to create a community with a thriving industrial complex, a booming retail district, and a strong sense of community support and togetherness. This is ability to find balance is one of the main reasons why Milpitas is often considered by many rating organizations to be one of the top places to live in the United States.

Industry wise, Milpitas is home to the headquarters of numerous technology manufacturers, including SanDisk, while many other major producers, including Cisco Systems, have significantly sized offices within the city. It comes as no surprise that Milpitas ranks as number one in the country when it comes to percent of residents employed in the electronics products industry. The top five employers of the town are all electronic products based corporations with the Milpitas Unified School District Coming in a distant sixth.

Milpitas is considered by many to be the premier retail destination in the region. This designation is thanks in large part to The Great Mall of the Bay Area. It has the distinction of being the largest enclosed shopping location in Northern California with over a million square feet of leasable space. It houses numerous shopping and entertainment options that draw visitors from all over the area as well as fulfilling the retail needs of Milpitas residents. The city also features numerous local shopping centers which focus on meeting the regional need for Asian-themed retail locations and services.

Finally, the city also provides numerous cultural services and recreational amenities for its residents. In addition to the 31 community parks that receive regular upkeep and maintenance, the city also maintains a dog park, 24 tennis courts, and numerous other athletic venues. The city also focuses on numerous youth based programs and senior activities designed to provide cultural and physical stimulation for the participants.