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Morgan Hill

Welcome to Morgan Hill

Located in the scenic Santa Clara Valley, Morgan Hill has managed to do what most towns in the area have not; promote a healthy level of economic growth and development while still maintaining a small town feel. While Morgan Hill affords residents access to numerous retail and commercial amenities, it has not done so by sacrificing access to any of the natural features or cultural heritage of the town.

Lay of the Land

Morgan Hill is snuggled nicely into a four mile wide valley surrounded by both the Santa Cruz mountain range and the Diablo mountain range. Fifteen miles inland from the Pacific Coast, Morgan Hill has few close neighbors outside of San Jose and the city of Gilroy. The total residency of the town is sitting at a comfortable 40,836 according to data collected during 2013. While the median home price of around $700,000 is relatively high when compared to the state as a whole, it remains extremely affordable when compared to the rest of Silicon Valley.


Movement into and out of Morgan Hill by car is limited to U.S. Route 101. However, the residents of Morgan Hill have definite advantages when compared to many of their neighbors when it comes to taking advantage of public transit. Not only does the Santa Clara Valley Transportation Authority provide numerous local and express buses to Gilroy, San Martin, San Jose, Santa Clara, and Sunnyvale, but CalTrain provides weekly commuter train services directly from Morgan Hill. Additionally, light rail services are available originating out of San Jose.

Local Highlights

Morgan Hill is an historic town dating back before the Gold Rush that was one of the first established in the area. It was allowed to develop naturally from both an industrial, commercial, and residential perspective. While the City Council and community service organizations have attempted to steer development in a direction that they believe best fits the identity and spirit of the town, they have not done so in a heavy-handed manner. The result has been a thriving, balanced town, providing residents with a healthy mix of retail locations, community recreational amenities, and local employment opportunities.

The city houses no less than ten distinct parks and community centers. Each one of these locations provides residents with a unique experience based on the nature of the location. The Morgan Hill Community and Cultural Center provides residents with access to extensive meeting and banquet facilities, while the Morgan Hill Recreation center provides a senior center, youth center, and computer center to the community. Each of these separates locations is fully funded and maintained by the town in order to provide convenient resident access.Morgan Hill also has numerous organizations dedicated to improving the community in one way or another. The Morgan Hill Community Foundation is dedicated to connecting philanthropic donors with members of the community that have a specific economic need. The Morgan Hill Historic Society provides balance to the development and growth of the town by maintaining strict ties with the heritage of the town and by protecting historic locations. The town even has a local chapter of the Kiwanis Club dedicated to assisting children in the community in a variety of ways.

Morgan Hill also boasts numerous retail locations. These are scattered throughout the city and represent the community’s natural need for these services and not the city council\’s attempt to strategically organize local businesses. The exception to this rule is Downtown Morgan Hill.Downtown Morgan Hill is a carefully cultivated community project designed to encapsulate the diverse nature of the town. Not only does it feature an array of retail stores, local boutiques, and restaurants, but it is also home to several historic locations. Additionally, residential development has been allowed to occur simultaneously, resulting in several mixed-use locations. The entire area has also been carefully designed and improved with an array of landscaping additions and streetscape projects. This makes it the perfect location for the numerous fairs and festivals held by the city each year.


The Morgan Hill Unified School district is the town\’s largest single employer, representing over 500 total employees spread out over a total of 14 different schools. This includes 7 elementary schools, 2 middle schools, a single comprehensive high school, and a single continuation high school. The estimated 8,700 students come from not only Morgan Hill, but from San Martin and some of the outlying regions of San Jose.