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Daly City

Welcome to Daly City

Located just to the south of San Francisco, Daly City sits across a large section of the center of the peninsula. The northern edge of the town spans almost the entire distance from the Pacific Ocean to the Bay itself, which has led to many people referring to Daly City as the “Gateway to the Peninsula”. However, Daly City is much more than just a desirable location. It is also a booming economy and a blossoming cultural center, making it one of the most desirable residential locations in the Bay Area.

Lay of the Land

Daly City is one of the northernmost cities in San Mateo County. It also has the distinction of being the largest, with a total population of approximately 106,100 residents peppered around an area of 7.6 square miles. Daly City’s major neighbors are San Francisco to the north, the Pacific Ocean to the west and the San Bruno Mountain State Park to the east. Residents of Daly City can expect an average median income of $77,505 and median home values of $566,000.


Daly City benefits from close proximity to Highways 101 and 82 as well as Interstate 280. Additionally it boasts several Bay Area Rapid Transit Stations as well as additional services associated with the San Mateo County Transit center and CalTrain commuter train service. These include bus lines and regionalized train stations. Air travel is possible via San Francisco International Airport which is minutes from the center of Daly City.

Local Highlights

Thanks to its proximity between San Francisco on its northern edge and the rest of San Mateo County on the northern side of the city, Daly City is a regional center for commerce, culture, and technological development. As such, the city boasts a wide range of dining locations, commercial services, shopping centers, office complexes, industrial complexes, and entertainment centers. Most of the city’s growth is a result of offering services superior to those available in San Francisco or providing a lower economic barrier for entry than other locations in the Bay Area.

One example of this is the blossoming retail industry in Daly City and the nearby city of Colma. Daly City provides a location for retailers that is not only more economically feasible when compared to the highly developed San Francisco area, but it also lacks the community or social resistance present in the larger city. Additionally, consumers appreciate the free parking and open space that is simply not available in the City by the Bay.

Many of the same benefits extend to corporations that choose to operate within Daly City. Space is cheaper in Daly City than in many of the surrounding more established metropolitan areas, including San Francisco and San Jose. Its position in the Bay Area means that corporations located in Daly City can also entice a wider range of potential employees.

On a more relaxed level, Daly City also houses numerous recreational and community activity centers. Several major national golf courses are either located entirely in Daly City or share space between Daly City and San Francisco. These include the Olympic Club, a prestigious course that has hosted the U.S. open several times. The San Francisco Golf Club and the Merced Golf Club both also have their courses located completely in Daly City.

The Daly City Parks and Recreation Department also plays an important role in the life of many San Mateo County residents. Not only does it maintain all of the parks and manage all of the recreational activities in Daly City, but it is also responsible for assisting many of the region\’s smaller cities or unincorporated locations in managing their own parks and recreational activities. This includes operating numerous locations and offering over 259 different classes and sponsoring dozens of athletic leagues.