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Welcome to Annapolis

Annapolis is an unincorporated community in Sonoma County. It’s near the coastline of northern Sonoma County, and it’s not far from Stewarts Point. The community is named after the popular Annapolis Orchards. As of 2010, this charming town has a population of 401 residents, many of whom are retired or work at the local winery located in Annapolis. There are also plenty of residents who commute to other larger cities to work.

Lay of the land

Since Annapolis is located in wine country, it’s in a central location near plenty of wineries and other great communities. In Annapolis, there is only a single winery named Annapolis Winery. Annapolis experiences warm and dry summers, though it’s rarely hot, and it doesn’t rain often in the winter. Residents like to check out surrounding towns or even trek down to the Bay Area. With kayaking, fishing and boating being popular activities, residents are rarely bored in Annapolis. Naturally, being close the ocean, a lot of people love to fish and spend their weekends on the water as it’s easy to make it down to the shore.

Others who like nature and getting away from it all love Annapolis as there are plenty of empty areas to explore. And, since the weather is near-perfect all year, people can have fun whether it’s the middle of July, where it’s hot everywhere else, or the middle of February, where people are miserable in the rain in cold.


Annapolis is not a big city, and thus, public transportation is not a big thing here. However, in the town itself, it’s easy to navigate and get around. Yes, Annapolis is car country, and there is no way around it. People living in Annapolis can get to the amazing and beautiful highway 1, where it’s possible to drive all the way down to San Francisco. Or, to head to Santa Rose or Petaluma, people can drive to the highway 101, which, while a longer trek, is a major road that can take a commuter anywhere.

Local Highlights

Obviously, a lot of people who live in Annapolis are here to get away from it all. At the same time, there are a lot of places that are easily accessible, and residents love to check out the Sonoma wineries, which dot the area. Proud residents love to check out the one and only winery in town, the Annapolis Winery. But, that is only one of many, and by getting on Highway 101 or Highway 1, it’s easy to check out dozens of amazing wineries.

Anglers can hop on Highway 1 and get to Anchor Bay, Sea Ranch or Gallaway. Here, it’s easy to catch fresh fish and check out the sights and sounds of the ocean. People who love kayaking can rejoice as there are plenty of launching points to check out, and there are plenty of safe areas to play in. Of course, for people who love to simply walk along the shore and take it all in, people living in Annapolis have plenty of options within a 30-minute drive from their homes.

While Annapolis is fun and there are plenty of places to check out, residents are also blessed as they are only a less than three-hour drive from downtown San Francisco. While people aren’t going to make the commute to work, it’s certainly a nice option for a weekend trip. At the same time, while San Francisco is close, Annapolis is far away from it all that residents don’t have to worry about big city problems such as overpopulation, pollution and too much noise. Luckily, residents who don’t want to make the long drive to San Francisco can easily head out to other areas of Northern California, all with ease.

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