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Welcome to Bodega

Bodega, California is a small unincorporated community in Sonoma County, and the population as of 2010 was 220. It’s located on the Bodega Highway and is about 5 miles west of Freestone, California. The beautiful Salmon Creek flows right through the middle of Bodega. While not a big town by any means as the area covers 2.9 square miles, there is plenty to look at, including the Phacelia distans, which blossom in Bodega between April and June.

Lay of the land

Being close to the ocean, Bodega is obviously a community where people love to enjoy the sun and sand. While the town is a bit inland, that doesn’t stop it from having a surf shop. Since residents can hop on the highway, they can get to the ocean in a matter of minutes, where it’s easy to check out Doran Regional Park and Bodega Bay. With great weather virtually all year, people in Bodega don’t mind surfing all year or checking out the creek.

With easy access to Highway 1 and surrounding towns, as well as numerous state parks, people in Bodega don’t necessarily feel stuck in their town of 220 people. Instead, with easy access to the main highway and the ocean, people in Bodega are never bored, and they have plenty of options to check out, whether it’s the middle of the winter or the summer.


While cars rule the landscape here in Bodega, it’s not as bad as one would think. There is an option to take the bus to and from Bodega. The Mendocino Transit Authority offers bus service to and from Bodega, via routes 75 and 95. While the route only stops twice a day, it works out well for people who want to avoid driving all the time. With the Bodega Highway, a driver can get to Freestone and Sebastopol and to Highway 1, where it’s possible to go anywhere in Northern California from.

Local Highlights

People in Bodega are pretty content on enjoying their peace and quiet. The weather is mild almost all the time, and it never snows or gets too hot in Bodega. For this reason, residents love to head to the beach. Surfing is popular in the neighboring towns, but it’s wise to wear a wetsuit all year as it’s not Southern California. Fishing and boating are generally popular in Bodega, and depending on the time of the year, whale watching is a big hit. Kayaking is also popular in Bodega as Bodega Bay is easy to get to, and it’s a very calm and safe place for one to do some kayaking.

Santa Rosa and other cities in the wine country are not far away. Whether a resident wants to drive down to Petaluma or a little further south, he or she can access dozens of wineries with varying price ranges. Going north, people can visit towns such as Timber Cove and Stewarts point, though that doesn’t mean the Bodega is boring. Instead, it means that there are plenty of options to check out as all the towns north of Bodega are charming and quaint.

As mentioned, there is a creek in Bodega. Salmon Creek is a popular place to hang out and relax with friends and family. Since it’s right in the middle of the town, it’s a well-known and liked place for visitors and residents alike. Along with plenty of state parks in the area, and it’s easy to see why people are rarely bored in this charming and small town near it all. In the end, whether a person likes fishing, relaxing, wineries or surfing, they will love Bodega and its surrounding towns.

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