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Camp Meeker

Welcome to Camp Meeker

Camp Meeker is located in an unincorporated area of Sonoma County, and its population is only slightly over 400 people. It has approximately 350 homes, ranging from large homes on hundreds of acres to small homes in quiet neighborhoods. It’s a very green and beautiful area, and Camp Meeker gets, on average, 55 inches of rain a year, with a lot of that coming in the winter. With all the rain, the Redwoods flourish, and so does the surrounding flora and fauna.

Lay of the land

Camp Meeker is in a great location, and it gets a lot more rain than most of the surrounding areas, and thus, the area is much greener than the rest of California. This doesn’t mean that the town is drab and cold. Actually, with all the rain, the area is beautiful, and the summers are not too hot. With all the old-growth trees, residents and visitors alike love to frolic in the woods and enjoy the peace and quiet. Sitting between Occidental and Monte Rio, Camp Meeker feels like it’s in the woods, and it is.


Camp Meeker is a rural area, and there is no choice but to have a car. However, car owners will not have a hard time getting around as one can drive up to Highway 116 to get to Highway 1. From here, it’s easy to get to Sonoma Coast State Park. Or, by going east, one can visit Santa Rosa or Sebastopol and other cities on Highway 101. Either way, by going to Highway 1 or 101, it’s easy to reach wine country and, a little further south, San Francisco and the rest of the cities near the bay. While it may seem remote, the roads are usually uncrowded, and one will hit little traffic whether they are going to the beach, Santa Rosa or even San Francisco. Thus, because of its proximity to the Bay Area, visitors from San Francisco love checking out this quaint town, but it never gets too busy here.

Local Highlights

People move to Camp Meeker for many reasons, but one of the main reasons most people move here is to get away from it all. Luckily, in Camp Meeker, it’s possible to get away from society, all while having a lot at your doorstep. One of the main draws of the town is the Redwoods, which are pleasing to look at and enjoy up close. For this reason, St. Dorothy’s Rest, which is a summer camp and retreat center, is popular with people from all over California and the rest of the country. Originally a lumber town, it has taken a while to change, and now residents love to call it home. Since the elevation is only 331 feet, the weather is great most of the time, save for occasional rainy weeks in the winter.

Fans of the outdoors will also love the Dutch Bill Creek, which is a 6.5-mile stream that flows north. Anglers will enjoy Dutch Bill Creek as it’s possible to encounter steelhead trout. And, in the last 15 years, Wild Coho Salmon have been Spawning in the creek. Don’t worry, while it’s a fun place to fish, it’s also fun to check out and look at the various bridges along the creek.

While Camp Meeker is a rural town, residents can easily drive down to Santa Rosa, San Francisco or the ocean. This sets it apart from other rural areas that are harder to reach. Simply put, whether a person wants to relax under the shade of a Redwood tree, go fishing or visit wine country or internationally-known San Francisco, it’s possible to do it while living in Camp Meeker.

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