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Welcome to Cloverdale

With a population of 8,618 at last count, Cloverdale is a decently sized town in Sonoma County. The Cloverdale Rancheria of Pomo Indians of California has their headquarters in Cloverdale, and this adds to the diversity and makes the town more interesting. Located about 85 miles north of downtown San Francisco, this town is not far from it all, and Highway 101 passes through the town, which makes access to just about anywhere in northern California easy, painless and quick.

Lay of the land

Cloverdale is not big, and the city is only has 2.6 square miles in size. Located in wine country, Cloverdale is not as well-known as other towns in the area, but it certainly attracts attention from visitors, and potential buyers are learning how great the town is. With a short and rainy winter, the area is very green, and it’s rarely hot or cold, though July and August sees a few hot days here and there.


The benefit of living in Cloverdale is the easy access to Highway 101 and Highway 128. While there are sparse public transportation options, this should not discourage anyone from living in Cloverdale. If traffic is light, one can reach San Francisco and Oakland, among other cities on the bay, in about 90 minutes. Since the town and surrounding areas are not heavily populated, traffic is not a problem like it is in other cities in the region and state. Not only that, with so many beautiful two-lane highways, driving is a pleasure and not a bore like in many other towns and cities. With only an occasional dusting of snow, combined with well-maintained roads, it’s a breeze to drive in and around Cloverdale. Anyone who is a fan of public transportation will be happy. There is planning in progress for a Sonoma-Marin Area Rail Transit (SMART). This will provide commuter rail service from Cloverdale, and it will drop people off at a bay ferry terminal in the city of Larkspur.

Local Highlights

Since Cloverdale is located in wine country, visitors have come to love the area. It’s not as well-traveled or known as larger towns and cities, but this adds to the charm. Cloverdale is part of the Alexander Valley AVA, which gives it some recognition as a wine-producing region. Of course, part of the beauty of Cloverdale is the fact that it’s centrally-located and there are two major highways drivers can access. This means that whether one wants to check out local wineries or the more famous ones to the south, it won’t be a problem in Cloverdale.

Taking the 101 south, it’s easy to get to local beach towns such as Timber Cove, Jenner and Bodega Bay, among many others. Or, for someone who prefers more tranquil nature, there is the South Cow Mountain OHB Recreation Area. Here, one can really get away from it all and see plenty of flora and fauna. By taking Highway 101 north and getting on the 175 east, it’s easy to visit Clear Lake, which will not disappoint anyone’s expectations.

As mentioned, San Francisco and other cities on the bay are easily accessible. While, for now, commuting is out of the question for most people, it’s great to head down to the bay for a weekend or even a long day trip. This is quite amazing considering that when in Cloverdale; it’s easy to feel like you are a thousand miles from anything. Nothing could be further from the truth as it’s a fun town with lots to do, and there is a lot to see within an hour or two drive. It’s no wonder that in 2010, Cloverdale was named, by Budget Travel Magazine, the Coolest Small Town in the west.

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