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Welcome to Cotati

An unincorporated area in Sonoma County, Cotati is about 45 miles north of San Francisco, and the town has a population of 7,265,as of 2010. Part of wine country, it is a popular destination for other people in Sonoma County, but it’s not well-known by tourists and travelers. Located only 17 miles east of the Pacific Ocean, it’s in a great location for people who love to have options when it comes to doing something fun on the weekend.

Lay of the land

Cotati is in the Sonoma Coast AVA, and it’s a very important wine-growing area, and the town enjoys short and rainy winters, though there is plenty of fog in Cotati, which keeps the summers comfortable. After winter, the spring, summer and fall are long and comfortable. This makes the area perfect for growing grapes for wine. Since the town sits on Highway 101, it’s easy to get anywhere in wine country or the Bay Area as the 101 provides access to nearly everywhere in the region. Cotati is right next to Rohnert Park, while Santa Rosa is to the north and Petaluma is to the south.


Located right on Highway 101, residents can easily get down to San Francisco in less than an hour. The college town of Berkeley is only about 45 minutes away by car, and it makes for a nice drive. One would think that public transportation is hard to come by in Cotati, but that is not the case. With Golden Gate Transit, one can get just about anywhere they would want to go by taking routes 72, 75 or 80. When looking to get to the coast, it’s easy to take small highways to hit Highway 101. One can reach the ocean in about 30-minutes and even check out Tomales Bay State Park. All in all, Cotati is well-located, yet it is still a relaxing place that feels more remote than it is.

Local Highlights

Being part of the Sonoma Coast AVA, Cotati is obviously a great place to enjoy wine. There are plenty of wineries in the region, and many are within a short drive. Whether looking to go to more exclusive wineries in Napa or more down-to-earth and less expensive ones, it’s easy to hop in the car and check them out. Of course, there are enough amazing and affordable wineries in Cotati to enjoy. There are a couple of watersheds near Cotati including Stemple Creek and the Petaluma Watershed. This provides plenty of picture-taking opportunities as there are plenty of amazing bridges in the area to check out.

While not a beach town, it’s easy to get to the water to enjoy surfing, kayaking, fishing or just frolicking on the sand. By taking Highway 101, residents can visit famous Stinson Beach. Point Reyes Station is also not too far away, where one can enjoy state-protected beach land and forest. For the hiking enthusiast, Mt. Tamalpais is but a short drive away. Here, one can enjoy hiking, relaxing or even overnight camping. The great thing about living in Cotati is that most drives are scenic and stress-free, which is getting rarer and rarer. When driving to the coast, it’s easy to take the road less traveled and take time to enjoy the scenery.

One of the main draws of Cotati is that it’s possible to enjoy small town living, all while being less than an hour from the bay. By getting on Highway 101, a commuter can be in his or her downtown office in less than an hour. Or, for the commuter who doesn’t want to stress, it’s easy and inexpensive to take the bus as there are multiple routes in Cotati. Simply put, whether looking to go San Francisco for the day or the weekend, Cotati is a great location to access it all.

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