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Duncans Mills

Welcome to Duncans Mills

Duncans Mills is an unincorporated area in Sonoma County. Located on Highway 116, it’s only a short drive to the ocean and Highway 1. Sonoma Coast State Park is in the backyard of Duncans Mills, and this is a great place to camp, check out the surf or even fish. Since it’s a state park, there is little development in the area, and one can truly enjoy being at the beach. The Russian River also runs right through town, which provides plenty to do and see.

Lay of the land

Duncans Mills is perfect for anyone who wants to be away from other big cities or larger towns. The nearest town is Jenner, which sits on the Pacific Ocean. To the east, one can take back roads and get to Santa Rosa, and Highway 101. From Highway 101, it’s easy to access just about any town in Sonoma or the Bay Area. To the south is San Francisco, which is easily accessible via Highway 1, though one must take the Golden Gate Bridge to get there. About an hour drive north, Stewarts Point is a great little beach town that people in Duncans Mills can drive to for a nice weekend day.


Duncans Mills is a rural town, and thus there are no viable public transportation options for residents. Luckily, Highway 116 splits the town, so it’s not hard to get around. To get to a bigger town and buy supplies, a lot of people make the short, and comfortable, trek to Santa Rosa or Petaluma. With both Highway 1 and Highway 101 not far away, this rural and quiet town is easily accessible to the rest of the world. That doesn’t mean that people living in Duncans Mills have to drive a long distance to have a good time as there is plenty to do and see in Duncans Mills and the surrounding towns and cities.

Local Highlights

One of the biggest draws of Duncans Mills is nature. By walking down to the Russian River, it’s easy to take a spin in a kayak or go fishing. Fish found along the banks of the river include Bluegill, Steelhead Trout, Chinook Salmon, Coho Salmon, Catfish and many more. It’s truly an anglers paradise, and on this side of the river so close to the Pacific Ocean, there are few people to compete with the best spot for. For people who like to camp, there is a small campground along the river that has facilities for recreational vehicles. Of course, the weather is generally comfortable, so it’s easy to rough it a little more and go camping in a tent.

As mentioned earlier, Sonoma Coast State Park is not far away, and outdoor enthusiasts will love what the park offers. This is a gorgeous state park that stretches from the Russian River all the way down to the Bodega Headlands Shell Beach. With Arched Rock, along with many other smaller and less well-known rocks, people can sit on the beach and take in the beauty of it all. A little further south on Highway 1, residents can check out Bodega Head State Marine Reserve and Doran Regional Park. While not as busy and popular as Sonoma Coast State Park, it’s still a beauty to see.

With its location by the Highway 1 and Highway 101, it’s easy to check out the Bay Area cities such as San Francisco, Oakland and, a little further south, San Jose. Either way, within a couple hour drive, if that, one can check out beaches, cities, forests and plenty of small towns, along with plenty of wineries.

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