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Welcome to Geyserville

With a population of around 850 people, Geyserville is not well-known, but that doesn’t mean it’s not fun. Located in wine country, Geyserville has a great selection of bed and breakfasts, wineries and restaurants. The beloved Silver Oak Cellars is very popular and located in the middle of Geyserville. With its location on California State Route 128, this is a great centralized location, and one can easily also get to Highway 101.

Lay of the land

Located on Highway 128 and right down the road from Highway 101, it’s easy to get around and see what the area has to offer. By taking back roads, it’s possible to reach Stewarts Point and the Pacific Ocean in about one hour and twenty minutes away. While it’s only about 40 miles from the ocean, the road is not a major highway, so one has to take it easy.

In about 25 minutes by car, it’s easy to head down to Santa Rosa, which has a population of nearly 175,000 people. This makes it easy to get supplies and go to any major big box retailers. With decent weather almost all the time, Geyserville is a great place to live. At the same time, with the small town feel, one will not have to worry about big town problems. But, when looking to head to mid-sized cities or even down to San Francisco, one will not have trouble.


While not the easiest solution, a person without a car can take buses to neighboring towns. To get to Santa Rosa, one must take two buses. It takes about an hour and 40 minutes, which is much slower than driving, but at least there are some options. To get around by car is easy as the town sits on Highway 101 and Highway 128. It’s not easy to get to the ocean as drivers have to take back roads, but it’s certainly easy to get to San Francisco, Santa Rosa and other cities in the Bay Area.

Local Highlights

In Geyserville, wine wins out as the beverage of choice. At Silver Oaks Cellars, locals and visitors love to kick back, relax and enjoy some great wine. Since Geyserville is not exactly bustling, the town is certainly one of many to check out, and people living in Geyserville don’t mind going to other wineries in the Napa and Sonoma area. Yes, when looking at a local map, one can see that there are dozens of amazing wineries, all within a short drive from Geyserville.

Outdoor fans will love Geyserville as Lake Sonoma is not far. While there is a drought in California, this area has weathered far better than Southern California. While the lake is nice to look at, there are also some notable features of it. With the Milt Brandt Visitor Center, one can learn about the lake and the area, and there is also an adjacent fish hatchery and Warm Springs Recreation Center below the dam. As far as the real fun goes, outdoor activities include hunting, camping, fishing, swimming, boating and bike riding. Overall, a great place, and it’s only about 15 miles from the town.

A bit to the southwest and one can find Austin Creek State Recreation Area. Here, it’s possible to go camping, swimming and frolicking in the woods. This is an inexpensive place to spend the weekend and enjoy the stars. Austin Creek State Recreation Area has been described as a place that feels remote, but still easy to access for people who want to do an overnight trip. By living in Geyserville, it’s easy to visit San Francisco, large lakes, rivers, camping areas and the ocean, and this is a huge advantage that residents regularly take advantage of.

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