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Welcome to Graton

Located in western Sonoma County, Graton is a town with around 1,700 residents. West of Santa Rosa, Graton is a tranquil little town where residents can enjoy fresh air and plenty of beautiful views. The weather in Graton is pleasant, and it never really gets hot or cold as winters are short and summers are long, but not too hot.

Lay of the land

Located about 20 minutes west, by car, from Santa Rosa, Graton is a well-located town for someone who wants to get away from the main towns, all while having it easily accessible. Just a short drive to the west and one can hit the Pacific Ocean and Sonoma Coast State Park, where it’s easy to enjoy the outdoors and all that the ocean and beach have to offer.

With its location, one is not far from anything, and there are even plenty of small streams, lakes and rivers in the area to check out. Graton is a true gem for anyone who wants to enjoy small town life in California. With the main drag Occidental Road, one will not be making quick time to the main highway, but most people in Graton are fine with that as it’s a calming and relaxing drive that most residents will gladly take if it means escaping it all.


Out in Graton, most people have cars as it’s not practical to rely on the bus. However, without a car, one can still take a bus, or a couple of buses, and reach the city of Santa Rosa. But, this isn’t for everyone, and most people will prefer to take Highway 12 so that they can get to Santa Rosa and the 101. From here, it’s easy to visit more wineries or make the drive to San Francisco. With a scenic 20-mile drive, residents can enjoy the Pacific Ocean and all it has to offer. Either way, whether looking to hit up wineries, cities or beach towns, it’s all within a short and comfortable drive.

Local Highlights

Atascadero Creek is a local highlight of Graton. This is an eight-mile creek that flows north and south, and it supports steelhead trout and California Freshwater Shrimp. If you don’t like fishing, it’s still easy to enjoy the creek and relax beside it. With recent efforts to clean up the creek, it’s now more enjoyable than ever for local residents and visitors alike.

The biggest benefit of living in Graton is its central location. There are dozens of winters, if not more, within a short drive of Graton. One can enjoy family-run places without the crowds. Or, it’s easy to head to the more famous and well-known wineries. Either way, when looking for high-end wineries that are world renowned, one can find them. By taking a trek to the east, one can find hiking and outdoor-related activities at Annadel State Park, Hood Mountain Regional Park, Sugerloaf Ridge State Park or Jack London Historic State Park.

On the other side of Graton, one can hit the Pacific Ocean and check out Doran Regional Park or Sonoma Coast State Park. In both of these state parks, which are less than an hour away, one can kayak, fish, swim and even whale watch. More of a trek but certainly worth it, residents can drive down to Point Reyes National Seashore, where it’s easy to take it all in. With great weather all year, Graton is a place where you can enjoy it all, whether you like going to wineries, the beach or small towns in between. Graton is an amazing place to call home for many families.

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