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Welcome to Jenner

Jenner is a nice, quaint and quiet town located on the Pacific Ocean. This small coastal community is well-liked and received by visitors who don’t want to leave. With a cool, Mediterranean climate, residents never have to deal with the hot and long summers that people from further east have to. With its beautiful scenery and great location, Jenner is a great place to check out or live in.

Lay of the land

Located in Sonoma County, Jenner is a paradise for anyone who wants to be near wineries. While not a well-known town and a bit far from the action, it’s great for someone who wants it in their backyard without having to deal with tourists. Instead, one can have the wineries within a 30-minute drive and not have to deal with the rest.

When living in Jenner, one will have to love the ocean. Since its right down the road, residents take full advantage of it most of the year. It’s not Southern California, so people aren’t always getting a tan at the beach in Jenner, but it’s not crowded, and it’s more scenic than most beaches in the area. Coupled with a green scenery, and it’s no wonder that people passing through fall in love with the quaint and charming town of Jenner.


Located on Highway 1, this is a town that you must have a car in. While true, it’s not hard to get anywhere as Highway 116 is just down the street. From Highway 1, it’s easy to get to Bodega Bay, Point Reyes National Seashore and eventually downtown San Francisco. Going north on Highway 1, there are plenty of beach towns to check out. By taking Highway 116, residents can hit Highway 101 and even get to Santa Rosa. The 116 also connects Jenner with plenty of amazing wineries, both small and large. Yes, a huge advantage of living in Jenner is that it’s well-connected to other towns and cities, while offering peace and quiet from the larger cities in the area.

Local Highlights

Obviously, the beach rules here, and people have no problem spending their days on the sand. In Jenner, one can enjoy kayaking, whale watching, sunbathing, swimming and even fishing. However, the climate doesn’t always cooperate, and it’s wise to consider other things depending on the season. Of course, nearly every day of the year, one can, at minimum, walk along the water and enjoy the sand.

When looking for more structure, one can go to Stillwater Cove Regional Park, which is located only about 16 miles north of Jenner. A 25-minute relaxing and calming drive will take one up to this amazing state park, where it’s great to relax or enjoy the picnic facilities. Immediately to the south is Goat Rock Beach, which is a beautiful beach within the Sonoma Coast State Beach. Point Reyes National Seashore is not too far away, and this is a great day trip or half-day trip where one can enjoy the raw beauty and nature of the beach. This is truly a popular place as it’s beautiful, largely untouched by development, yet still relatively empty when you start exploring.

While not fun to commute to, San Francisco is only an hour and 45 minutes away, and the interesting towns of Petaluma and Santa Rosa are not far away. In these two towns, one can check out wineries or head to big box stores to buy supplies. While Jenner is a bit isolated, the driving is relaxing, and it’s not hard to get to larger cities and interesting towns in the Bay Area and Sonoma County.

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