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Welcome to Occidental

With a population of around 1,100, Occidental is a charming little town in between Highway 1 and Highway 101. With the Pacific Ocean to the west and many wineries to the east, Occidental is well-located for anyone who wants quick access to a lot of fun stuff. This doesn’t mean that Occidental is boring. Rather, it means that there is a lot to check out.

Lay of the land

Located about 20-minutes west of the Pacific Ocean, and Bodega Bay, Occidental is in an ideal location. It is also near Sonoma Coast State Park, and to the east is the city of Santa Rosa. With cool and short winters and long and near-perfect summers, Occidental has great weather, and it never really gets too cold or too warm. This makes it an ideal place to live for someone who likes the outdoors.

There are various creeks in the area, and it’s not hard to find a place to hang up your hat and go fishing. Or, if you prefer, you can simply frolic at the creek or local ponds. Here, you are almost guaranteed to have your own space. But, while true, Occidental is not far from civilization, and it’s centrally-located in the area, so you are not going to be bored in this sleepy and relaxing town as it’s near it all.


If you live in Occidental, you will want a car, and there is no real way around it. By hopping on well-light and safe backroads, you can get to Highway 1, where you can then get to the ocean and towns such as Bodega Bay or Tomales. Or, if you want to hit up Santa Rosa and what it has to offer, you can do so in about 25-minutes. Wineries dot the area, and you can enjoy a winery with low prices, or you can check out high-end ones. Either way, by getting on Highway 1 or Highway 101, you are not far from anything.

Local Highlights

One main reason why people love Occidental is that they love the weather. With near-perfect weather in the fall, spring and summer, you can enjoy a solid nine months of great weather. And, the winters are short and not too cold. This makes Occidental a perfect paradise for someone who loves the outdoors. Combined with a lot of foliage and empty lands, and you can see why outdoor lovers enjoy Occidental to the fullest.

Since the ocean, and the beach, of course, are not far away, many love Occidental. By taking backroads or Highway 1, you can see amazing beaches that are usually empty. Sonoma Coast State Park is not far away, and here you can enjoy near-perfect beaches with amazing sunsets and plenty of flora and fauna. It’s only about 20-minutes way, and it’s a pleasant drive for all. Here, you can also kayak, surf, whale watch or just enjoy frolicking on the beach. This is a great place for people who are tired of overcrowded beaches.

To the east of Occidental is a lot to see. First, as mentioned, you can check out many wineries in the area. Whether you are looking to go to Sonoma, Napa or other smaller and less known places, you can do it from Occidental. If you want to check out the interesting and not too large towns of Santa Rosa or Petaluma, you can do so with ease as they are not far. Finally, if you like hiking, you will have it in your backyard, or you can head up to Austin Creek State Recreation Area, where you are likely to have a lot of space to yourself. All in all, if you want to enjoy a central location while still having peace and quiet, Occidental is perfect.

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