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Welcome to Penngrove

Located in Sonoma County, Penngrove has a population of around 2,500 people. While not a major and well-known city, Penngrove is certainly a great place to call home. Just north of Petaluma and located on Highway 101, Penngrove is certainly an easy place to get to and from, and this is a reason many love Penngrove.

Lay of the land

Located right off Highway 101 in wine country, Penngrove is in a great, centrally located place. Just a short drive to both Petaluma and Santa Rosa, residents in Penngrove don’t have to drive far to get to big box stores. Not only that, the town of Penngrove itself is not too shabby, and residents like that it’s smaller and more tranquil than other larger towns and cities along the way. Since wineries and interesting small towns dot the landscape, Penngrove is a great location to take it all in.

With Lichau Creek running right through town, it provides a nice backdrop for people who love nature. Chicken houses fill the town, and many residents have come to appreciate that as it gives the town charm. Not only that, with smaller and larger farms all over the place, one won’t have to deal with unchecked development as there is simply no room for track houses. Simply put, with great weather and a nice location near it all, Penngrove is certainly a place to check out.


One thing that Penngrove provides that smaller towns don’t is some public transportation. You can get to Petaluma in about 20-minutes, and you can get to Santa Rosa in about 50 minutes, all by bus. Or, you can make the quick drive to both of these larger cities. With Highway 101 just down the street, a resident can get just about anywhere in the Bay Area. In fact, San Francisco is only one hour by car, which makes it a great day trip destination.

Local Highlights

When living in Penngrove, most people spend a lot of their time in other towns and cities. This doesn’t mean that Penngrove doesn’t have great restaurants, friendly people and stuff to do. Rather, it means that residents like to take advantage of the closeness to other towns and cities in the wine country and Bay Area. The ocean, many wineries and plenty of hiking are all within a couple of hours drive, if that.

With Annadel State Park, anglers can enjoy fishing at Lake Ilsanjo, though one must have a license. Or, if you prefer, it’s easy to hike, bike or just relax under the sun. mountain biking is great here, and many consider it the best in the county, which is saying something as there are a lot of chances for you to hop on your saddle and enjoy the trails. If the ocean is more your thing, you are not far from it if you live in Penngrove. Whether you want to go to the less well-known Sonoma Coast State Park or the more well-known, yet still uncrowded, Point Reyes, you are in luck as Penngrove is near it all, and you can avoid major thoroughfare

Finally, as it’s close to Highway 101, you are not far from the beautiful and beloved city of San Francisco, where you can easily check out the sites in the day and come back to Penngrove at night. Or, if you are more into the East Bay, you can see Berkeley, Oakland and all the other towns that dot Alameda County. Remember, Highway 101 is a gem that you can take advantage of as it’s easy to see the rest of the Bay Area and wine country if you have a car.

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