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Santa Rosa

Welcome to Santa Rosa

Santa Rosa is a well-known city in the Sonoma Valley, and it currently has a population of around 175,000 people. It’s the most populated city in the Sonoma Valley, and the fifth most populated city in the Bay Area. Located right off Highway 101, this is a well-located city for anyone who wants to get around with ease.

Lay of the land

Located right off Highway 101 in wine country, Santa Rosa is a good sized city, but it still has local flora and fauna that is flourishing, largely due to the fact that the locals and the city government want to protect the creeks and wildlife. Much like other cities in California, Santa Rosa grew quickly, but city planners have been, in the last few decades, going out of their way to make sure that the growth is not too fast. This is an uphill battle, but there is still plenty of nature and open-spaces to enjoy.

With a Mediterranean climate, residents can enjoy the outdoors almost all the time. The winters are short, and the area often receives most of its rain in a month or two. Then, this gives way to long, dry and comfortable summers. There are plenty of cities in the area to check out, and you can even take the bus to San Francisco or other smaller towns that dot the region.


Santa Rosa has its own bus system, which makes it easy for getting around. And, if you want to head down to Petaluma or other cities in the region, you can take longer buses, including one to San Francisco. If you have a car, you will have an easier time getting around as, while buses are reliable, Santa Rosa is a bit far from other cities and towns. By hopping on Highway 101, you can get to the ocean, Petaluma, towns with great wineries and eventually, San Francisco.

Local Highlights

Santa Rosa is no small town, but it still has plenty of undisturbed areas on the urban fringes. With the Santa Rosa Creek and its tributaries going right through the middle of town, people who love nature can relax and enjoy the water. You can see great blue herons, snow egrets, black-crowned herons and great egrets. The city shares its border with Annadel State Park, which also extends into the Sonoma Mountains and Sonoma Valley. The state park also adjoins the Spring Lake County Park and Howarth Park. This enables visitors and residents alike to venture into land that is relatively unspoiled and virgin, a rarity in California, especially when you consider that Santa Rosa has over 175,000 residents.

Without a doubt, unlike in smaller towns, Santa Rosa has a lot to do in the center. Downtown Santa Rosa is usually busy on weekends, and people love to try out the many local restaurants and retail shops. After dinner, there is plenty to do downtown and places to visit for desert or a nightcap.

The massive benefit, among many others, to living in Santa Rosa is that you can get anywhere quickly. With Highway 101 access at your doorstep, you can get to San Francisco and the Bay Area cities of Oakland and Berkeley in about 90-minutes. You can get to the ocean and great beach towns in about an hour, and you can visit local wineries in about 20-minutes. All in all, you can get to just about any town in the region in no time. Though, don’t think that you always have to leave Santa Rosa to have a good time as there is plenty to do and see.

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